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Bringing you an easy care fern! These ferns will grow large with time (this is an 8 inch hanging blown glass pot) and are a little less vigorous than say an Astral Gem (see back posts) but just as hardy! They thrive in indirect light or indoors with filtered direct light - a few feet from a window - with moist soil and otherwise just admired! I hope you enjoy and look into this fern if you, like me, often kill these delicate looking plants.

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Sounds like a great choice for my apartment!

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They're lovely papery ferns not seen as often, I hope you give it a shot bringing one home.

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"Microsorum pustulatum" sounds like a skin disease, but the plant is very pretty. It deserves a nicer Latin name!

Any idea if they're pet-safe?

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I am happy to report they're very much pet safe for cats and dogs!

It deserves a nicer Latin name!

I agree, they have two Latin names which is odd...etymologically it always has confused me. I believe it was initially misclassed which is why they call it Zealandia pustulata on occasion. It belongs to microsorum though so....who knows what botanists get up to?!

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I swear biologists have regular nomenclature and taxonomy wars. I love how slime molds have had several different classifications over the years as we learn more about them.