I make my own pots!
Plastic container from the nursery for life!
Terra cotta is minimal and classy
Planter boxes are classic and deserve the credit
I plant in the earth itself
Painted for the fun and flair


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I’m a sativa fan myself 😎 (sorry, weed joke)

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Hehe well played, I was tempted to add a jest answer of "I was tricked into reading this poll with promises of Indica".

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Okay okay, it's Friday and I couldn't resist the cheeky title and options but, in all seriousness - how do you like to handle your plants whether indoor or out? I am a millitant repotter with terra cotta outdoors (I miss my garden!) and painted inside with a few exceptions.

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I like pretty pots. I actually still have a whole collection of pots that remain unused because I do not have enough plants to fill them all...

They're usually the glazed kind.

I actually went out of my way to get special drills just so I can make more pots properly usable for my plants and I no longer have to deal with the heartbreak of finding a pretty pot without watering holes.

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Me too! There's nothing so devastating as finding a great pot and it didn't have a hole!

I have a few bits for my drill but I'm super scared to break a pot. Have you got any tips?

Alright. Funny story. The first time I tried to use my drill bits to add holes to my pots I went to go and grab our electric drill. I used it on multiple pots just fine only to be told by my mother, all the way at the end of the day, that I had accidentally been using our electric screw driver instead πŸ˜‚

In my defense it was shaped exactly like a typical electric drill.

But so far my experiences have all been with me using that electric screw driver instead which probably doesn't have as much power as an electric drill will have.

Make sure you have a spray bottle with water nearby and always drill with water on the area you're drilling in.

Start drilling at an angle and slowly work your way towards getting the entire drill on the surface (if you don't do this the pot will likely just move the moment you start drilling)

Putting your pot on a tea towel can help keeping it put as well.

Try to gauge when you're about to go all the way through as putting a lot of pressure at the end is more likely to cause damage to the glaze.

This is also why I've always dug from the outside towards the inside but I have no clue of doing it the other way has its own benefits.

And a final thing you can keep in mind is that some pots like terracotta are really soft and you might want to put less pressure on your drill when working with softer pots.

I think this is about all I have. I hope it can be of help!

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That is awesome advice! I also had a good chuckle at your story, thank you for sharing it.

Do you mind if I add this awesome information to the tips thread and credit you for it? I think it would make a good set of tips. I'm going to gather up my courage and play with one of my pots this weekend and see if I can't get a hole in it.

Where I am is really dry, so I figure that plastic (not the original pot but a nice one) will prevent my plants from drying out as quickly as terra cotta. I'm also not sure how well terra cotta survives the winter. Otherwise I'd go with terra cotta.

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If it isn't painted in my experience it lasts a few years and then you need another pot. That being said I have really huge temperature changes in my area where we go from 104 as an overnight low temperature to 30's depending on the time of year. Not sure how it handles a hard freeze or snow but I imagine it will do okay if you aren't seeing a big fluctuation. Thanks for weighing in!

I fell in love with talavera pots which are expensive and will break just like any other ceramic pot (sob) when wind or puppies have their way with them.

I tried painting a few inexpensive clay pots and then used a sealer on them, trying to keep them from deteriorating. They looked fantastic at first and it was a great outlet for creativity. Alas, the sealer does not prevent the paint from flaking after about a year, but they sort of looked awesome in their deterioration as well.

My favorite pots are those I scavenge from neighborhood heavy trash piles. My best find was the HUGE plastic planter pots they use for trees - made a few raised beds with those.

If I could build a big kiln and had lots of time, clay, and glaze - oh what a wonderful world that would be...

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I use terra cotta for plants that require better drainage, but my best friend makes beautiful ceramic planters, so most of my plants are in those or in vintage mid-century pots from my grandparents.

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Does your friend sell her pots? If so, can you DM me the details? I love unique an interesting pots!

I use a combination of old pots that've been in the family for a generation or so, old terracotta pots left behind by the people we bought the house from (and a few more from local markets). I tend to use these things from Haxnicks too. No idea if they're actually helping but they probably are. https://www.littlefieldsfarm.com/gardening/grow-at-home/vigoroot-pots-10l-pack-of-3

(Disclaimer: this last year I've been quite ill and haven't managed to stay on top of watering let alone weeding/pruning etc so everything is in terrible state atm. Not sure what I'm going to do, the task is scary)

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Those pots look fascinating. I'll have to do some more reading on them.

Honestly when I get all overwhelmed with plant care I just go one plant at a time to get everyone back on track if I've been feeling poorly and a little neglectful in my plant mom duties.

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I love the way terracotta grows algae in my area, so I have a lot of those pots. I also like pots with interesting glaze. My pot collection is all over the place, aesthetically, and yes, I have some plants that are still in their original nursery containers. If they were human children, DCF would have taken them away from me.