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This is dragon's blood stonecrop in a tiny (3" diameter) pot with drainage. It sits in a sunny window (kind of southeast facing) in a house heated to 72F and no higher. It has a fast-draining soil mix and doesn't seem waterlogged. At one point I watered it once a week for a while, then thought it was overwatered and switched to every other week (or less) but regardless it has continued its very slow decline (and let me make it clear: this decline is sloooooww... it's looked like this for some time). The soil always seems dry.

I've had it for a year, and when it started out (in a little 2" seedling pot when I bought it), it looked like all the beautiful pictures you'll see if you do an image search for dragon's blood stonecrop. When I repotted it, it lost almost everything initially (presumably due to lack of moisture) but came back with some green shoots and all growth you see has been since the repotting (no original parts above soil remain). It's still making little green shoots, but don't worry... they'll start to suck too if they stay around long enough.

So, poll... why is this plant so extremely mediocre?

A - pot too small

B - it drank unicorn blood and now lives but a half life, a cursed life

C - overwatered

D - underwatered

E - temperature

F - fertilization (needs more or less)

G - lighting

H - other