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Okay first off your plant does not suck even though it's a succulent (ha ha)!

Personally i think it's a mix of soil and water, succulents get really leggy (less leaves / protuberances) with irregular water cycles. Your plant looks leggy, the ends are lovely and happy.

I would suggest gently removing it from the pot and going with fine coir, small pearlite, and a tiny amount of good fertilized soil like black gold. This will let it drain quickly but absorb what it needs. You show no signs of light issues or over watering.

Your plant is lovely, some of the best plants have a crazed appearance that belies their life cycle. With such a small pot (based on your last post and this picture) you may be underwatering. Leaf loss on a succulent or lack of new leaf growth can be a sign of underwatering. You have no yellowing, vrownibg, or mush.

If it were my plant I'd such the soil, water thoroughly, let it breathe a week or two and gently adjust my care to see what sparks growth.

Ps: B

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Okay, thanks! :) I'll try the slightly slower-draining soil. I have nothing left to lose with this plant, IMO. If you think this looks lovely, you should have seen it when I bought it... so full and bushy with large deep red leaves. If I can get it to look even a bit like it did before it fell into my hands, I'll post a picture to show it off. :P