It's spring in the northern hemisphere! The planting season is starting for many of us. What have you put in the ground? How is it going?

Fall is starting in the southern hemisphere! Do we have anyone harvesting anything?

It's spring in the northern hemisphere! The planting season is starting for many of us. What have you put in the ground? How is it going? Fall is starting in the southern hemisphere! Do we have anyone harvesting anything?


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I have a few leeks and cabbages from last year in the ground so I could be harvesting, despite being in the northern hemisphere, but I'll wait for them to grow a bit bigger. All my new seedlings will remain in pots for a few more weeks. I have French beans, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and sugar snap peas. ​There's still a risk of frosts killing them if they were outside overnight, so I'm ferrying them on a large tray from windowsill to patio and back again every day.

I have some courgette, radish and lettuce seeds, too, but they're all quicker growing so I don't plan on planting them just yet.

How about you, girl_undone?

Oh jeez, I have a big ol' leek patch I've basically forgotten about all winter. I need to plant peas there now. I feel bad, like I've let them down.

Leeks go in in April so I planted them way before anything else that would have been in my winter garden, but ended up missing the window to plant everything else for winter. So I just forgot I had them out there, since I didn't have anything else and was really pouty about it. Mice got my potatoes at some point so I didn't even make potato leek soup. They've been troopers, requiring nothing and surviving the cold.

Last year I grew onions, I planted them as seeds, used garden fabric to keep them warm. I don't want to fuss with transplanting. They got perfectly big. I need to get those planted ASAP and see if it works again this year.

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Mmm, I love leek and potato soup - what a shame that mice got to your potatoes. Still, leeks go well in any soup or stew.

I've not tried growing onions from seed before. I have a plan for every little bit of my garden this year, but maybe next year I'll try onions.

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I kept one plant alive in a window all winter, waiting for steady 50+ to move it back outside. We did peppers last year and may do that again.

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I'm not planting yet, it's too soon, but my columbines from last year have been trying to get going since sometime in February. It's still below freezing most nights even now. I think I really like columbines. (Also, I had no idea they could be so short-lived. Maybe I didn't do anything wrong with the plugs I got two years ago that seeded but didn't come back last year.)

Yeah my columbines are cute tiny bushes right now. They seem to tolerate some cold. We have a wildflower version locally so I guess it's not surprising here.

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Only got some spinach and arugula directly in the ground. But I've been weeding, prepping the beds, and starting seeds inside for the first time. All kinds of stuff, but some highlights are mexican gherkins, hot pepperoncinis, asparagus, and broccoli. The asparagus is just starting to poke its little heads up - it took about 21 days to germinate, just as the packet said. I should have gotten it (and everything else) started earlier... Gonna transplant the tomatolets to bigger pots this weekend and plant some radish directly. Onions too probably.

I also ordered some native plants that I'm super excited about, after being inspired by @LilyGoat and her native gardening thread last week! Still doing preliminary research but I want to get some bulbs/rhizomes for fall planting and seeds for mass planting next spring. I'm very excited about this project. I've basically emotionally abandoned the vegetables, to be honest. Except the asparagus (since it's perennial).

Also I learned that redbud flowers are edible, and that their young seed pods are too - and taste like peas apparently! Looking forward to trying them when the buds open up.

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The first time someone has linked me on this site! I am honored that I inspired you, what an amazing--the best--compliment to give!

By the way, I still grow some monoculture items--especially herbs. And I've made my driveway a garden for pots where I grow some veggies! We can still enjoy our veggies while doing great things for the environment.

If you want to geek out on modern veggies, I found this video so interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCfeHqRRThY&t=692s

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Yeah, I'm planning to keep the veggie raised beds around for sure. They're just on the mental backburner at the moment - I think it's largely because I love perennials and most veggies are (at least when they live in my climate) annuals. Boo.

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Lol, true! I have a compose pile away from the rest of my plants that I don't need anymore since going (mostly) native, and I've been throwing random veggie seeds in it. I'm wondering if you let veggies do their own thing for years, and way overseed so they just outcompete weeds the first year--will they self seed the next year? I imagine one will reign supreme--probably the pumpkins, and I'll just have an eternal patch of whatever grows there.

I think that may be the idea with permaculture food forests just an understory of veggies? I'm not really sure, I'm with you--starting to find natives to eat, but I find it interesting all the same!

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I was inspired by you, too, and read a lot of what you recommended. I went for a walk this afternoon and found some wild rose hips by the side of the road. I took some home and planted them in a container on my balcony. I'm not sure what will happen but I'm hoping that it's safe to have them in a container as long as I live in the city (they can be very aggressive). I think I'm assuming I'll move to a house sometime in the next year or two (not sure how but I'm optimistic) before any wild roses I get and the three blackcurrant bushes I already have get too big. My balcony is big but it's not that big.

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You guys (gals) have made my day. Really, I was having a really bad day--wasn't able to get outside due to some health issues, and now I am feeling really happy.

Your balcony sounds gorgeous!

I too brought seeds home from a nature walk I went on several days ago. They are mystery seeds and I have no idea what they are, something in the nightshade family I believe. Experimenting and learning is what makes it fun!

I've been wanting to grow those little gherkins for years! Seeds sold out this year.