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I'm having trouble IDing it, do you have any info? My guess would be button fern? I am not an expert...

From just this pic, I would hazard a guess that the pot is too small; but it also looks like the light levels are wrong. The yellowing could be overwatering, could be not enough light. If it's a button fern it should get indirect light. But I don't see evidence of sunburn. Can you describe how much light it gets and from which direction/source? And a general rundown of the care it's been getting?

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Sure, yes! It's a maidenhair vine. It's next to my bathroom window, which is quite a bright room north-facing room. It gets light most of the day but I wouldn't say it's directly in the sun, if that makes sense.

I pretty much left the care to my boyfriend, but I'm taking over now because he's clearly not doing a great job... I think he was just dumping a tonne of water on it every week rather than keeping the soil moist. I'm hoping if I start watering it properly it'll start to get a bit better but I don't know much about the light/environment factors.

I've repotted it, with decent drainage through so fingers crossed!

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Okay, great. If it’s a maidenhair fern, everything I said about its care should be the same. The light situation sounds perfect for a fern, if you’re in the northern hemisphere it can sit in front of that north facing window, as it’ll never get direct sun that way. I would still trim the dead stems off. Did that previous pot not have a drainage hole? If not, that was your problem. Good luck!!

Thank you so much! Yeah there's no drainage hole so I can easily fix it. Hopefully it'll survive!