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I'm having trouble IDing it, do you have any info? My guess would be button fern? I am not an expert...

From just this pic, I would hazard a guess that the pot is too small; but it also looks like the light levels are wrong. The yellowing could be overwatering, could be not enough light. If it's a button fern it should get indirect light. But I don't see evidence of sunburn. Can you describe how much light it gets and from which direction/source? And a general rundown of the care it's been getting?

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The more I look at it, the more I am convinced it's a fern. The lack of leaves on most of the fronds makes me think it's been hurting for light for a while. The leaves are also very light colored, rather than a deep green which usually indicates inadequate light. I would cut that dead stuff off, put it in a pot with better drainage (ferns like more water than most plants, but almost no plants like soggy roots), find a spot in your house with bright indirect sunlight (a north facing window, nearby an east facing window, under a skylight, on a shaded patio). Let the top 1.5" or so of soil dry out before you water again, but do not let the plant fully dry out. Let me know if you have any other info that it's a different species.

EDIT when you repot, check the roots for any slimy or dark sections, and cut those sections out. If it's been sitting in wet soil you may have some root rot going on