Planting season is in full swing in much of the northern hemisphere! What do you have growing? What's going in soon? Harvesting anything?

How is fall going for anyone in the southern hemisphere? Anyone still harvesting?

Basically, how are your plants?

Planting season is in full swing in much of the northern hemisphere! What do you have growing? What's going in soon? Harvesting anything? How is fall going for anyone in the southern hemisphere? Anyone still harvesting? Basically, how are your plants?


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I tried to plant all native but that fell apart.

I have a native tree sapling growing, the only one I’ve been able to pot that has survived.

A wildflower mix that was said to be for my area has turned out to be only about 40% native. But I am enjoying the fairy flax and bachelors buttons all the same—crazy how cuttings last when they are fresh.

I built a raised bed with old fence posts and board (with liner to keep out ant chemicals, if any are left after 20 years of weathering) and got a chip drop—free mulch, and have lettuce, cucumbers, dill, tomatoes, cilantro growing. I have no idea what I’m doing with veggie and already know I made a mistake with cucumbers—hoping I can train them up an arch away from the others, or perhaps over the lettuce for some shade.

A previous decision to replace lawn with clover is coming to fruition, only to realize this clover is invasive in my area.

I’m not beating myself up, it’s all a learning process!

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I was planting clover in my containers as ground cover before I realized it was introduced. I'm going to swap it out with golden beans once they start growing by the side of the road and I can grab cuttings. I had them the first year but for some reason didn't keep them.

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It's not planting season here yet (a few more weeks) but my blackcurrant bushes are leafing out like they don't care. I also have columbines being reckless in the face of Alberta springs. Nothing else poking up yet, but there's hope. And where there isn't, there will be cuttings. (I have a balcony container garden and containers to fill.)

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I'm struggling with pest control and my beautiful sunflowers are being gobbled up. I applied a neem oil solution on them last night only to find the usual coterie of bugs hanging out on them this morning :(

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Maybe you can try planting some nasturtium and marigolds to deter them? I know small bugs really hate the smell of marigolds

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I live in an apartment so everything I grow has to fit on the balcony. My basil didn't survive the winter so I bought some sweet basil, purple basil, and dill earlier this week. I tried propagating what was left of my old basil plant so we'll see if it takes root. I also have parsley and cilantro plants that have been doing really well so far and I'm impressed with how much I've been able to harvest in a little over a month. I had a lot of issues with squirrels eating my tomatoes before they were ripe last year so I decided to stick with herbs but I'm wanting to do some bell peppers or something next year. Oh and I saw a few seedlings that sprouted in my outdoor pots so I'm going to wait until they're a decent size and plant them in their own pots. One of them is a helicopter seed so I'm thinking they're probably maple trees since that's basically the only thing that could have made it onto my balcony.

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I've decided to take the lazy way out of gardening and planting native perennials this year. Hopefully they'll take and I won't have to replant every spring. I yanked out a few box bushes last weekend and planted azaleas instead. Over the next few years I'll remove all of the box bushes in front and replace them with azaleas.

I haven't decided what to plant on the full sun southeast corner of the house, but I want it to be low maintenance and flowery. I'm taking suggestions. We already have lots of roses.

I need to design a rain garden because we get too much rain and it erodes the side yard. I think that will be my late summer garden plan. It will be a lot of work.

In my planter garden, I'm growing Black Krim and Brandywine tomatoes, and Jamaican hot chocolate peppers, and a variety of lettuces/greens. My kitchen herb garden has not been doing very well, so I moved it outside so it could get better sun.

Growing lots of blue flowers including Borage, Chinese Forget-Me-Nots, Delphinium, Cerinthe, Columbine, Bluebonnets, Heavenly Blue Morning Glory, Blue Pimpernel, and Blue Butterfly Pea.

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I live in an apartment, so I mostly have houseplants and herbs. My newest additions are Thai basil, spearmint, cilantro, and parsley. The spearmint just got transfered to a bigger pot a few minutes ago. I also have seedlings growing of dill, jalapeno, arugula, and tomato. I just got a $20 grow light off Amazon since I don't have a place for these buddies outside.

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Slugs keep eating my sprouts but I’m not giving up! I only have a small garden but lots of plants growing. I love to check on them every day. I’m trying to learn more about what they need to be happy and fruitful. I love spending time in the garden.