Planting season is still in full swing in much of the northern hemisphere! What do you have growing? What's going in soon? Harvesting anything?

How is fall going for anyone in the southern hemisphere? Anyone still harvesting or got anything preserved?

Basically, how are your plants?

Planting season is still in full swing in much of the northern hemisphere! What do you have growing? What's going in soon? Harvesting anything? How is fall going for anyone in the southern hemisphere? Anyone still harvesting or got anything preserved? Basically, how are your plants?


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I have a container of blue columbines that are growing really well and flowering, and some other columbines that are meh. I have three blackcurrant bushes in containers. One is doing really well but the two in larger containers were budding then mostly died – I may not have watered them enough given the size of their containers. However I will get berries from all three bushes if things continue as they are. I got cuttings of a gooseberry bush and golden beans and they seem to be doing well. I tried cuttings of wild roses and they don't seem to be doing well, but the seeds I planted earlier are sprouting after all (I think – they're still a bit small to be sure of species). I've planted chokecherry seeds and cuttings and the cuttings are dying with no sprouting seeds so far. I have a cutting from what I thought was a birch that turns out to be an aspen that appears to be doing ok. We'll see. I also have a mystery plant that may or may not be native. We'll see what it turns into.

I've also got nasturtiums from last year's seeds. Not native so my last year for them.

At any rate, lots of green in my container garden and a few flowers. Importantly, I've also got my hammock out on my balcony to keep them company.

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Lots of weeds!

I did plant some raspberry bushes in the back (we have blueberries and wild berries already). And we have strawberries in the front. My peonies are in bloom and the iris plants are just about to bud. There are tons of day lilies.

I have a peach tree and pear trees. And apple trees.

We got a bit of rhubarb that came in and I missed the peak picking season (I should have frozen some stalks - but I did not). Oh, and we have tomatoes and cuke's growing. And I have eggplant in as well. And kale (always kale), chives, basil, cilantro, dill, and lemon grass.

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Tomatoes have started tomato-ing (blossoms and small fruit, nothing anywhere near harvestable yet). Bell pepper plant is struggling a bit, not sure why. My nasturtiums are a jungle. My roses have had the worst aphid and whitefly infestation I think I've ever seen in my life, but I think they're starting to recover after a lot of intervention. I also have a shady, cooler area that still has chickweed going, and I'm hoping to keep it through the summer but if it gets hot, the chickweed may nope out. In sunnier areas of my yard, it will not survive past spring no matter what I do.

I also have a bazillion potato plants sprouting, but my potatoes tend to be so tiny they're difficult to harvest or tell apart from dirt clumps. I had one good one growing that I left in the ground, planning to dig it up the next day, and some critter or another did the work for me and ran off with my one good potato. I'm hoping some of my other plants make at least fingerling potato size.

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I set up a propagating station for hydrangeas. We’re starting new gardens in spring and need lots of hydrangeas. I already shared a photo of my succulent bed and my hydrangeas, geraniums and caladiums are breathtaking. I’m so excited about my spring bulbs for next year.

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My African violet plant finally started budding!! I was afraid it was never going to flower again.

This is the first time I’ve managed to keep a plant nice and healthy and got it to begin flower production. Apparently it just needed more sun and some trimming of dead leaves.

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My garden is getting so much more rain than usual so everything is doing great, I hope the unseasonal rain keeps going so we can get everything off to a good late start after the historic bad winter we had. We have summer squash, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, malabar spinach, blackberries, blueberries, green beans, and some volunteer corn. For this year we are mostly focusing on recovering the herb garden so we've got new yarrow, dill, parsley, sage, lavender, rosemary, pleurisy root, peppermint and spearmint, lemon balm, mugwort, skullcap, a mexican oregano tree, beautyberry, hibiscus, aloe, comfrey, and basil planted alongside our handful of survivors from the bad winter -- thyme, yaupon holly, and lemon balm were surprising survivors. We also have new fig, lemon, and pomegranate trees! The rain has just made everything take off and it's so lovely to see after all the devastation.

Also have a separate little section because what witch's garden would be complete without wormwood, rue, foxglove and nightshades, etc.

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I didn't quite have it in me to do a veggie garden this year, but picked up a tomato plant that's doing well (Cherokee Purple - a new variety to me). Time has come for a reckoning with the lemon balm, so I'll dry some of that. Harvested a bunch of spearmint that got out of hand already. Had beautiful peonies on my kitchen table last month, just have to wait for the zinnias to bloom now. I greatly dislike the heat of summer, so having some fresh flowers really cheers me up while I hibernate inside with AC.

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Thank you for asking!! 🌻 Been getting a handful of sweet juicy strawberries every day for the last week or so. Corn is growing, pea vines and bean vines are growing, squash vines are growing, a few tomato plants. I have some sunflowers and zinnias growing. I just planted some more seeds - lettuces, more peas and some more flowers. The thing I’m most jazzed about is starting my red wiggler composting worm system- I have an in-ground system integrated into a raised bed... I’m going on a road trip this weekend out of town to purchase the worms. I’ve never raised compost worms - I’m a bit nervous but extremely excited about the fertility benefits for the garden.

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It's finally starting to feel like summer here! Gotta hurry and get the rest of these plants in the ground.

I mostly garden (North American) native perennials. I bought a lot of young starts and am growing more from seed to transplant in the fall. I'm most excited right now about the 2 coral honeysuckle vines I put in, though they (and most of what I'm planting right now) won't do anything until next year.

I was out harvesting some broccoli raab and noticed some volunteer raab in the paths I barely use. Ate that too!

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I had zero luck with growing chard from seed but my sunflowers seem to be maturing nicely (despite taking a heavy foliage hit from the grasshoppers) and a borage plant that I also grew from seed as grown into a monster. Cucumbers and melon vines are currently overrunning everything else with green onions poking up in between.

I'm picking my first cukes today and tending after my first watermelon. No baby cantaloupes yet but I am excited for them! And my strawberries did fruit but didn't taste very good, so I'm just letting the fruit rot/become bug-food.

In non-edible news, the native sage I planted (Salvia greggii) just blossomed and the hummingbirds love it!

I have hummingbirds and huge butterflies on my sage flowers! Sage is worth it for that alone.

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What a treat! Monarch butterflies passed through here earlier this year... It's gratifying when the cool bugs want to hang out at your place :)

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