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A teenager has been taken into care in Australia’s first known case of parents being judged abusive and potentially harmful for failing to consent to their child’s self-declared transgender identity and wish for irreversible cross-sex hormone treatment.

A state children’s court magistrate cited the risk of self-harm when making the protection order in October — almost a year after the teenager, who was born female and cannot be named for legal reasons — was removed from the family by police at 15 after discussing suicide online.

“(The authorities say) we will not allow her to change gender, so it’s dangerous for her to come back to our house because we will mentally abuse her — they want us to consent to testosterone treatment,” the father told The Weekend Australian.

The parents, who migrated to Australia a decade ago, said they felt a kind of grief at the loss of their much-loved child, and objected to what they describe as bullying by authorities. The mother said family and friends were shocked at their story — “especially Australians, they just can’t believe that it happens in Australia”.

The parents said they knew their daughter had been depressed and in need of help, but they wanted an independent psychologist to consider all possible underlying causes, not just gender issues, and to look into non-invasive treatment options.

The teenager had lost friends after a family move at age 13, lacked social skills, had anxiety about eating and body image, and a difficult start to puberty, her mother said.

Queensland University’s dean of law Patrick Parkinson, speaking in a personal capacity as a family law expert and critic of “gender affirming” medical treatment for young people diagnosed with distressing “gender dysphoria”, said he believed the child removal was the first of its kind and “a very troubling development”.

Child protection authorities have yet to back hormone treatment and have agreed to the parents’ request for a second opinion before any decision.

On November 20 the parents’ lawyer filed papers seeking to appeal the magistrate’s ­decision, setting up the first ­potential test case on gender medicine in a mainstream superior court in Australia. The magistrate made an error in insisting the protection proceedings had nothing to do with the causes of gender dysphoria or treatment options, lawyers acting for the parents will argue.

The magistrate had found on the balance of probabilities that the teenager suffered verbal abuse “directly related to his feelings and expression of gender identity”. The parents deny any abuse.

“It’s controversial because different doctors can come up with different diagnoses and different treatments, so for parents to seek a second opinion before going along with irreversible treatment is wholly appropriate,” the lawyer, who cannot be named, said.

Stuart Lindsay, a former Federal Circuit Court judge and critic of how the Family Court has handled gender treatment cases, said the request for a Supreme Court appeal was “an opportunity for a fresh look at this hotly contested area of medicine”.

But lawyers acting for the teenager have filed separate action — on November 7 they applied for approval to begin hormone therapy, with a preliminary hearing on Tuesday in the Family Court. It will be the first such case in which both parents oppose treatment.

The Weekend Australian sought comment from a support group representing parents of trans children.

The parents, who migrated to Australia a decade ago

Where were they from, I wonder? Because I’m willing to bet that this might explain why there’s willing governmental interference with this particular family.

Right, and people will disregard this extremely worrying development also, because it happened to a couple of immigrants.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that’s the main reason for interference. It’s suspicious as all that the first case of government intervention is with immigrants.

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It's not like Australia doesn't have a record for taking POC's kids into 'care'.

I bet this family will become the token poster child for anti immigrant activists too.. "see how backward people from Country xxxx are, they didnt let kid transition, they wont assimilate and wont integrate [key words used by anti immigration folks], we dont want these kind of people in Australia".

There's a reasonable likelihood that within 10 years or so this child as an adult will sue the Australian authorities.

At some point reckless affirmation and the damage done to individuals and families will start biting these services back.

Do you think so? If authorities allow her to get hormone treatment, I doubt she will hold a grudge against them, because they helped her to get what she wants. And I doubt that followers of the current trans-cult are going to wake up any time soon, if ever at all. They are lost cases. (Sorry, but I'm extremely pessimistic about all of this right now!)

Well it's possible it won't be her specifically but if the Keira Bell case has taught us anything there is going to be increasing numbers of young adults upset that authorities colluded with their (fairly normal in some cases) teenage angst to some very harmful ends.

It's pretty hard to keep the charade up when you see other girls your age start to detransition. I'm guessing she'll deliberately avoid detransitioners until they're a little too numerous, and then one day she'll take just a little peek at an interview or video. That way she can shut others up and say that she HAS TOO listened to people with different experiences, and if ANYTHING, she is more sure than ever that she is truly trans. But there's going to be that itchy doubt, but some detransitioner is going to say something that strikes a chord with her.

What's sad is that her health will have been permanently compromised.

This is hard to stomach.

But it’s the logical and expected end result where trans activists have successfully lobbied medical societies and health care regulators to accept affirmation-only as the standard of care, and where legislation in some places actually requires health care providers to affirm.

That combination is probably enough to insulate all involved from liability.

In fact, under those circumstances it might even be negligent or criminal to not take a kid into protective custody and start cross sex hormones and surgery.

That is where we are heading.

The teenager had lost friends after a family move at age 13, lacked social skills, had anxiety about eating and body image, and a difficult start to puberty, her mother said

They were so careful to avoid gendering her but they betrayed that they know the truth at the end anyway :D

This kind of thing will make it harder for LGB rights around the globe. Now when conservatives talk about "cultural marxism" and the "gay agenda", they can point to all the trans insanity to justify not supporting gay rights as a sliding slope.

That will definitely happen in the US - I can already see them shouting the gays want to take our kids.

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Well they overplayed that hand before, so now no one will take it seriously now.

Probably only in certain circles. Those of us who live in more conservative areas, even within liberal states, in the US are already seeing pushback against LGBT rights.

I actually see the opposite happening- GBTQ organizations overplayed their hands with things like DQSHs when they allowed convicted child molesters to participate. Pride Parades where grown ass men in leather crawling towards little kids and barking at them.

Joanna Olsen-Kennedy "training" social workers to take kids into care if their parents refused hormones.

This is all REALLY public shit and documented with photo and video footage. Americans have short memories and they don't remember being lied to or the details of bigoted bible thumps. They just see these viral stories and think "holy shit. We were warned."

Americans felt very positively towards the GBTQ community, overall, once they were convinced that they were just adults who wanted to be with other consenting adults. GBTQ activists then thought that trust was solid, not dependent.

Note that I'm leaving out the L- for the most part they were the ones doing this.

I'm just not sure what to say to this. Major gays rights organizations absolutely backed this horse. It was a big money maker for them once the AIDS Crisis crested and same sex marriage was legalized. Instead of going international and looking to persecuted gay men and lesbians throughout the world, they went with an easier cash cow for corporate donations.

These same organizations played a huge role in developing cancel culture and witch hunting for wrongthink. And if the latest Pride parades and DQSHs are anything to go by, they don't respect boundaries and they don't accept accountability.

That's why I think the LGB Alliance is crucial right now.

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Pretty sure this happened only because the parents are immigrants.

We’re having an increasing number of trans kids in care in my state in the US. None of them are abuse or neglect cases. They refuse to go home because their parents won’t comply with their identity. They are some of our most difficult placements as they are incredibly entitled. The minute the foster parent doesn’t comply with some aspect of Trans, Inc. like a ‘support group’ consisting almost entirely of adult TIMs and teen transitioners they’re ready to leave.

They’ll take off with anyone who says the right trans-affirming bullshit to them. I fear many of them will wind up trafficked or murdered. My city is a major sex trafficking hub. It couldn’t work out better for the pedos if it was planned that way.

Most foster parents are not in agreement with teens receiving hormones, though a local LGBT group insists that foster parents need ‘training’. Even our LGBT foster parents balk at this. Their role as temporary caretaker is not one in which they feel comfortable making such a monumental decision for a child. Certainly any surgery would have to be signed off on by our conservative Republican governor so that’s a non-starter.

We have a very limited number of foster homes. And homes willing to take teens are scarcer than hen’s teeth, yet we’re forced to waste them on this nonsense.

We see this in my line of work as well - very closely with social services. It is most certainly always a matter of the young person rejecting their family. I've yet to meet a family in fifteen years of service that has thrown their child out though I have no doubt this happens in other areas. But especially in the last five years - lots of running away and unsubstantiated abuse allegations.

They are some of our most difficult placements as they are incredibly entitled. The minute the foster parent doesn’t comply with some aspect of Trans, Inc. like a ‘support group’ consisting almost entirely of adult TIMs and teen transitioners they’re ready to leave.

Do you mind starting a thread with more information on this? And yes, this is one of the many important consequences that are invisible to the general public. I'm in a leftist area, but we are very short on qualified foster parents. We're short on money, too. Unfortunately, human trafficking is a big problem here, because it's a short distance between several other larger cities. It's kind of a layover city, if you will. We simply don't have a penny to spare on trans kids with a completely unrealistic view on the world, who are not being abused in their homes.

Yes, this is a vital aspect of it and I hadn't considered that angle. If the trans-aspiring children reject their families, they're not going to be easily integrated into even the best foster family, unless that foster family agrees with everything they want. In this sense, I wonder how Tiny TiMs (sorry, couldn't resist) compare with foster children with serious personality disorders? Imagine a malnourished child refusing to go home to parents who would require him to eat proper meals and not just junk food, and then raging out of every foster home that also offered vegetables and animal proteins, not pizza pockets and soda and twinkies. Our response would surely be "sorry, kid, your parents are looking out for your best interests and the fact that you resent them for it is not neglect or abuse." But because of the TRA lobby, that's not an option here.

Just awful.

One of my classmates in grad school had his younger siblings taken away because of homeschooling. One of the kids had severe mental illnesses.. like will be institutionalized probably a very long time and under the recommendation of her medical team the parents emancipated her as she was deemed too dangerous to be allowed back home as she may harm the younger kids. She one day lied to police about crap happening in the home and then admitted to lying and said she did it because she wanted to not be home and wanted her freedom but as that brought the family under the radar of the state, the state took the kids away because they were homeschooling as homeschooling is deviant behaviour. They were literally told in court that homeschooling is the reason.

To be fair, many previously homeschooled adults say there were degrees of abuse involved in their home schooling, if not obviously outright physical/emotional abuse.

Plenty of nutjobs yank their kids out of public school for less than ideal reasons, so it's not uncalled for to investigate.

However, I really object to the situation you described, that sounds way out of proportion, completely unacceptable. It sucks that the whack jobs who just want to control their kids are the "poster children" for home schooling because I understand it can be really beneficial for some families.

Seconding the request for a separate thread on this (whatever you can say without breaching confidentiality, of course.) I'd very much like to know more about what social workers are seeing on the ground.

Thanks very much for putting the text here. Tried to read this earlier this morning and hit a paywall.

every single word of this article was horrifying but one of the worst parts is that the parents are immigrants. it doesn't state where they're from but I'm willing to bet my life that they're POC from a developing country, and the government's involvement is to show how woke and progressive they are compared to these stupid third world monkeys who aren't enlightened enough to let their child be pumped full of medical hormones. it's also horrifying because my parents almost immigrated to the west, and I just know I would've succumb to gender ideology if I was exposed to it from such a young age like this girl. imagine moving to another country because you want a better life for your kid, only to have them brainwashed with western gender ideology and litwrally taken away from you bc you won't let them irreversibly harm themselves. this is fucking nightmarish and more dystopian than anything i could possibly invent. i fear for these children when they grow up and realize what they've done to themselves and their families.

This is so sad and horrible for the family. If this takes off in the U.S., it will really ignite opposition from conservatives - plays right into their hands. Is there a comparable "religious right" in Australia?

no, not in size and strength. australians aren't very religious

No, not really. The Federal government is conservative (that’s what the Liberal-National Party means here) but the country hasn’t pushed religion in politics for decades.

This is horrifying. How does it work in Australia in terms of states' rights? Could the parents simply have packed up and moved to another state?

What is the age of medical consent in Australia?