Well when the "lesbian" social apps are filled with white male incels what do you expect?

When it comes to sex and porn in the LGBTQ+ community, many of the -isms are fine and dandy as long as some man is getting his rocks off!

Hardly surprising.

But at least the public is hearing about some of the flaws in the sacrosanct "queer" community. Fetishization? You don't say...

I bet I can guess how much of it is coming from the LGB and how much of it is from the T.

10 years from now we'll probably see a similar article saying there's a real problem with pedophilia in the LGBP community.

I mean racism in gay communities has always been a thing. There is still the blanket ignoring of the issues that gay men and women of color face specifically because of their race because a good amount of the LGB community likes to purposefully not talk about that because “we are all gay and we all love each other and we are happily here in solidarity!!!”

And yet when push comes to shove, gay POC advocating for their own issues don’t get the mainstream support from other LGB folks. This has been an issue for a while. After marriage equality was passed in a lot of western countries, a bunch of white gays were ready to throw the towel in and happily celebrate their new rights and forget about the countries where homosexuality is still illegal. Gay POC in the west have been constantly advocating for people in their nations of ancestry where homosexuality is still illegal and in some cases punishable by death. But so-called third world people are seen as inherently disposable and lesser so the western gay movement IMMEDIATELY pivoted to TRA bullshit rather than the concerns of ethnic gays about the legality of homosexuality in other nations, as well as educational attempts to help educate minority parents in the west who have backwards ideas about homosexuality because of religious teachings/cultural homophobia.