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The response to this is making me sad and another time when I can see why people assume we’re all hateful bigots. I thought we acknowledged that gender disphoria is a real disorder that sometimes requires transition as treatment while maintaining that biological sex is a constant and sex-exclusive spaces should be respected. The issue transgender “cult” was about policing women’s language and targeting kids not the very existence of transgender people. This community really became much more hateful when reddit kicked us out.

She's not going to medically transition. She's identifying as a "nonbinary trans man". Gender dysphoria my whole ass.

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dude, come on. she's lived as a woman for thirty years and even now is only identifying as "he/they" and has made no reference to medical or surgical transition. yes, real transsexuals exist, but i highly doubt she's one of them - she's a homosexual woman who's been brainwashed into identifying out of womanhoodb. plus her "coming out letter" was full of falsehoods, made up statistics, and suicide guilt tripping. not a good look for alone, let alone a community that we already know is full of narcissists, liars, and manipulators.

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Nobody’s advocating hate here. Personally, I’m concerned for her. I’m sorry if that sounds paternalistic, but it looks to me like she’s another woman who has been persuaded by the trans craze that’s affecting more than just children. Young women are susceptible to this too. I’m sure she feels discomfort with her identity and body, but her choice to do this will definitely make an impression on other young girls and women who also struggle with their identity and body ... that is, a lot of them.

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Idk I think what she said in her tweet is pretty bigoted against women actually. I feel badly for her, I know she is struggling- as we all do under the patriarchy.

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People being cynical about her motives for doing this, plus lesbians like myself feeling sad that another GNC lesbian has bit the dust do not a hateful community make.

Seriously, compared to other parts of the internet , we’re a ball of fucking sunshine.

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Do you think Ellen Page is an actual transsexual, though?

I don't doubt genuine transsexuals exist. The thing is, it used to be an incredibly rare disorder, especially in females, and it manifested in early childhood. Huge numbers of adult women who were once perfectly normal women deciding all of a sudden that they're really men is something else. It's not statistically possible for so many women to be transsexual and have there be zero sign of it until later in life.

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What do you mean 'actual transsexual'? From a gender critical perspective, there is no such thing as 'trans' in the first place.

Or are you asking if we think she has medically transitioned already? If so, then no, I don't think so. She might be recently taking testosterone, at most, but I doubt she's had any surgery or anything yet.

'Transsexual' used to mean that someone had had sex-reassignment surgery. 'Transgender' on the other hand literally just means that the person 'identitfies' as the opposite sex (or 'non binary' these days). Surgery, and any other medical side to it, is completely optional and not required to bear the title.

ETA: Sorry for any confusion, I commented on the wrong comment...

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I meant classic transsexual, I suppose.

Those people have always existed, albeit in tiny numbers. I'm fine with transsexuals. Adults with severe, unrelenting sex and genital dysphoria who have exhausted all other options and need to transition to experience internal peace. I get that. For some people, it really is that dire. That can rightly be called a medical condition, and I don't expect those people to martyr themselves for a political cause.

Where the trans movement lost me is when it flipped from transsexual to "transgender." There are zero standards for being transgender. Anyone can be transgender for any reason, and we're not allowed to question whether it's accurate or healthy for them to do so.

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