"Our team was doing its best to try and sort of counter that ignorance and explain that this is a simple dress-up show," said Taylor. "It's not by any means lewd or anything but positive."

Why are there so many events recently with drag performers performing for children? I get that clowns are scary but many drag performances portray women in a sexual way. Maybe I just haven't seen many performances, but I've always viewed drag as offensive to women.

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If it’s a “dress-up show”, why not do away with the drag guy and have a costume party that the kids can actually participate in?

Oh, because it’s not a neutral “dress-up show” at all, it’s equal parts grooming and indoctrination. There is utterly no reason to shove adult male sexuality at young kids. If some of the kids grow up to be gay men, they can enjoy/participate in drag shows then.

Edit: I should note that I personally hate drag and find it misogynistic, but it’s really none of my business what gay men do in their own spaces. This is not that. At all.

Edit2: I think we need to coin a new term for this attempted normalization of inappropriate adult crap being passed off as harmless kiddie fun. How about ‘dragwashing’ or ‘groomerwashing’