"Our team was doing its best to try and sort of counter that ignorance and explain that this is a simple dress-up show," said Taylor. "It's not by any means lewd or anything but positive."

Why are there so many events recently with drag performers performing for children? I get that clowns are scary but many drag performances portray women in a sexual way. Maybe I just haven't seen many performances, but I've always viewed drag as offensive to women.

I agree that the whole concept of drag is offensive to women, BUT, I have definitely seen cleaned up performances i.e. non-sexual. For example, I saw one that was just a guy dressed up as a woman doing his crappy standup act. I still think him being dressed as a woman and doing a ''woman's voice' was offensive on its own but at least he was acknowledging that he was a dude and his standup sucked but it wasn't ALL teehee I'm a bimbo and zero overt sex jokes since this was a fairly public place. Also acts where they just dress up as famous women can go either way. Like I've seen them dress up as whoever they're lip synching to. And they do the famous person's mannerisms and not general 'this is what women do' mannerisms so that seems less directed at ALL women to me.

I agree, I used to see shows back in the day, where it was just like imitating Barbra Streisand. It really seemed more like tribute back then.

But now it seem like just a gross mockery of female stereotypes: catty, "bitchy," etc. and looks. Also it virtually excludes all female participation, so having it go into schools, etc. is really sexist in the "we only hire men" way.

I dunno if this counts as "drag". But Louie Anderson played a female character on the show "Baskets" and it worked surprisingly well. I think it was because he based the character on his own mother (whom he adored) and not some misogynistic stereotype