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Wait, what bill?

Its Bill C-261 sponsored by Independent MP Kevin Vuong who represents Spadina-Fort-York, Toronto. Here are some snippets but you'll want to read the whole article.Link below


... Buried deep within the text of the bill are “gender identity and expression”, which would be added to the list of characteristics protected from hate propaganda, hate crimes, and hate speech under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Human Rights Act. To do so could have severe consequences on the lives of Canadian women and our Freedom of Expression....


What Canadians will find most disturbing about this bill is that it would enable complaints to be made to the Human Rights Tribunal based on “Fear of hate propaganda offence or hate crime”[ix].

This is understandable in the context of fear that someone might commit an act of terrorism, but to treat feminism critical of gender ideology on par with terrorism is absolutely reprehensible. Females, comparatively to males, are the non-violent sex; we write, we speak, we create, we do not commit mass murders. But the Canadian government apparently wishes to impair our ability to express ourselves peacefully.

This persecution is unjust and it has no place in a civilized democracy. By adding “gender identity and expression” to the Canada Human Rights Act without thorough due diligence, informed by those whom it effects most – women – is like not inviting BIPOC people to a conference about racism. We must be heard. Women must have the Freedom of Expression guaranteed to us in the Charter of Rights necessary to express our opinions and share our experiences and knowledge about an ideology that has posed an existential threat to feminism. Feminism is, simply put, advocacy of the best interests of women and children. Imagine being a person of colour trying to combat racism while living in fear that anything they say against racists or racism could be turned against them. This is precisely the position that women are in. This persecution is unjust and it has no place in a civilized democracy.

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