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"Our team was doing its best to try and sort of counter that ignorance and explain that this is a simple dress-up show," said Taylor. "It's not by any means lewd or anything but positive."

LOL Ok so this drag show is not by any means lewd or anything? Google tells me "lewd" means crude and offensive in a sexual way. If drag was ever anything but crude and offensive in a sexual way (not to mention the misogyny it's rooted in) I'm Mohammed Ali, man.

And a simple dress up show? Lol fuck off. Men dressing as insulting caricatures of women and play acting as women being sexualized and objectified for profits is "a simple dress up show"?

Then again, by that logic it's entirely fair for me, a white as snow pure laine, to go ahead and organize a show with my friends. We'll paint our faces red, stick feathers in our hair and go around hululating while play acting as pissed drunk Inuits downtown. I mean, that would just be us "expressing ourselves", right? It's all in good fun, isn't it? It's art!!

Cause I'm a woman, you see, I'm oppressed. That means I have all the rights to reduce another group to a bunch of stereotypes and playact as their suffering. Har dee har har.

Really takes a fucking man to not see the problem with this. Self awareness, anyone?? 😠