I think it’s very offensive to women, it’s just men laughing at us and playing up harmful and uninventive stereotypes. It’s horribly misogynistic.

Maybe controversial but I have yet to hear of an adequate argument for how it is different to minstrel shows (since both are horrible examples of those in power parodying those who are marginalised)

Idk why anyone would want to expose their kids to it.

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It's technically different from minstrel shows in the initial purpose. IIRC, the entire purpose of the minstrel shows was to build a perception of black people by white people who were much better as slaves because they were helpless idiots (obvious not my POV, but the depiction) and remind black people their place/keeping their self esteem low and maintaining intra racial racism.

Drag originates from a different place where women are actually not even considered. It's basically men sticking it to other men by appropriating the character they invented for women and denied themselves the right to use.

The effect is somewhat similar though. And obviously the basic principle is the same, as you already pointed out.