So males are allowed to have male-only services and spaces when it suit their needs and serves their own interests, but it's bigoted hateful transphobic and unconscionably exclusionary for females to have any spaces, services and sports that males can't access. Men who have sex with other men can exclude women, but lesbians have to pretend men can be lesbians and suck dick.

Eh, 10, 15+ years ago they'd just call this 'gay harm reduction program' or 'msm harm reduction'. This is clearly aimed at gay men but they have to tack on the other letters and let other people in or else it's not iNcLuSiVe. I bet they have to include straight TIFs, for example. Gender bs really destroys everything for ssa people, because knowing how gay men get round and the drug problems in these communities, I'm sure this is needed (hopefully less than it was 40 years ago, but still). And now it has to be watered down for the queer cult. Nice.


New program caters to men, just like everything else

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I mean, I guess I get that lesbians may not be hard party goes who have sex easily and use crystal meth but "GBQ+ community"? Okay it took me a second as to why they are vague with their wording, but it's because of the "gender diverse" people aka men with special feelings. This should be about gay men only.