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Oh, but yeeting the teets is like having a wart removed, don't you know. Breasts are just decorative anyway and not at all complex bodily systems.

That's why they call it cutesy names like top surgery instead of calling it a mastectomy. The first one makes it sound neat and cool, the second sounds scary, clinical and, dare I say it, reminds them of the reality of what they're doing.

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Very good point. And a mastectomy is a serious procedure that would normally only be done when there is something seriously and incurably physically wrong with the breasts, like cancer.

A person might have plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, but to elect for a major operation to remove healthy body organs.... that's the stuff of sci fi horror nightmares.

They have a habit of changing the words for things to try and change the reality of what they are doing (and what they are)

I fell for this rhetoric for a long time. Like, my breasts are just lumps of fatty tissue on my chest, right? Why would it be so bad to get them removed?

But it took about 5 seconds of Google search to see the complications that could come with mastectomies and that was part of what made me peak.

It's more like getting a very deep infiltrating plantar's wart that's covering your entire foot removed. It doesn't seem serious at first, but then you realize ALL surgery comes with risks. My dad actually had something go wrong getting his removed and now part of his foot is numb and weird.

Heck, people can react really badly to local anesthesia for just a tiny wart! The wound can get infected!

ALL medical procedures come with risks, people! What are they teaching kids today?!?!

ALL medical procedures come with risks, people! What are they teaching kids today?!?!

Acknowledging reality is transphobic. "Trans Healthcare" means lying and telling patients that their gender soul will magically protect them from surgical complications

We had a neighbor die during a minor routine operation... I can't remember what it was but something super simple like cararact removal? Yeah. Shit happens.

Kanye West's mother died getting a face lift. Despite having the best doctors her son's money could buy.

Surgery and anesthesia are serious things. Trans activists are telling kids that a mastectomy is no different than a pedicure

ALL medical procedures come with risks, people!

Especially medical procedures that involve full or partial excision of major glandular organs.

When this bubble pops, I really hope the quacks and butchers behind all this 'affirmative care' are held accountable. I see more and more of these types of stories every day, and it's devastating.

And of course no other 'top surgeon' would see her after it became very obvious something was wrong but the primary surgical center wasn't dealing with it. I can't blame them for wanting to cover their own asses and not touch that mess.

It's not just the those wielding the knife that need to be held responsible, it's all the online activists glamourising transition, downplaying the risks, and giving things cutesy names ('titty skittles', 'top surgery', etc), and in some cases even trying to censor/silence honest tales of poor outcomes.

There are a lot of people who have to answers for this.

Unfortunately I'm pessimistic and think almost everyone will get away with what they've done. I don't recall tons of doctors going to jail for lobotomies, they just stopped doing them.

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I agree to an extent, but I think it's a lot easier to hold people accountable for actions rather than opinions and ideas written online. I doubt anything will come of the TRA crowd because they only physically hurt themselves, not others. And yes, maybe those thoughts and opinions caused others to physically injure themselves, but that's where personal and professional accountability need to begin. There is, and should be, a line between words and actions.

Sadly, the gender quacks will use the "I was just following orders" excuse to skirt responsibility. And they're not entirely wrong to do so. They wouldn't be able to do this shit if major medical organizations weren't cheering on this fad and bowing down to WPATH's insane nonsense

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Another thing that stood out to me about this story is that NDA usually stands for "non-disclosure agreement," aka a confidentiality agreement. But the clause in this case is actually a "non-disparagement agreement."


So in addition to inventing novel ways to butcher people, these Mengele-like medical practitioners are devising new legal innovations. ETA: The innovation here is taking a kind of clause found in employment contracts and trying to impose it on a medical patient. I understand NDAs where you're not allowed to say anything at all about the other party in a case, but this kind of NDA doesn't lock the signee into total silence - it says the signee can't say anything that might be construed as negative by others.

Just fyi, "non-disparagement" agreements are not new.

I had to sign one over twenty years ago. The person I could not legally speak ill of (and never met--we were just one of his many companies) turns out to have had numerous accusations of sexual harassment, and any employment contract with any of his companies had a non-disparagement as part of the package, probably to keep other people from coming forward.

But employment law is supposed to be different and separate to what a medical patient can say about their doctor.

Thanks. I have never heard of non-disparagement agreements before, obviously. I know of NDAs meaning non-disclosure agreements and have seen many of those.

Now that I have looked up non disparagement agreements I see they originated in employment contracts and are discussed online pretty exclusively in that sort of setting.


It seems very dodgy to try to impose these kinds of agreements on medical patients. It's like a restaurant or other retail outfit saying the only people who can eat/shop/get service here are those who promise never to say anything bad about the place, even if what is said is factually true.

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I had never heard of them until the Trump administration.

I have never heard of a patient being forced to sign an NDA regarding their own botched medical care. It feels like this practice would be ripe for abuse if a patient had to sign it in order or get financial compensation for an injury. And, when you consider how medical bills can easily bankrupt an American patient, I'm sure lots of victims would have no choice but to sign away their rights

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Curtis Crane set up the Crane Center for surgery in TX after being sued a number of times for horrible surgical outcomes by TIFs in CA. There seem to be plenty of complaints about the outcomes of the surgeries done in his shop in TX too. So the fact thatTIPs are continuing to go to Crane and the Crane Center just goes to show how mentally unwell they are and what poor judgment they have. They throw all caution to the winds, and are totally heedless about their health.

I know most of the TIPs getting these surgeries are young and naive - unlike Scott Newgent, who was in her 40s when she elected to have Crane give her a phalloplasty that turned out disastrously... But still, their level of gullibility and recklessness about their physical health stands out. So many of the girls and young women getting these surgeries have long histories of self-harm - this is just more of the same, only it's self-harm that's medically-enabled, surgically-enacted, paid for by health insurance and praised as stunning and brave by major segments of society.

There really need to be controls put in place on these sorts of elective, medically unnecessary surgeries with high rates of patient regret, especially in the case of young people whose brains haven't finished developing yet. In the US, people have to be 21 to purchase alcohol or marijuana - and teen girls and young women who seek to get their tubes tied electively are routinely denied. But getting both your breasts cut off as a teenager is not just allowed, it's endorsed and even celebrated so long as a girl or young woman claims it's for gender identity reasons.

IMO, TIPs patronize these butchers despite their reputations because they only have a handful of gender quacks to choose from (especially for more complicated procedures like "bottom suegeries"). They've been convinced that they'll go crazy and leap into traffic if they don't get these surgeries. That's why they ignore the giant red flags and all the risks

Thank, because the first thing I wondered was if it was the infamous Dr. Crane!

I wonder if the trans community is the one promoting the Crane Center. Oh, wait, I bet it's TIMs. They'll act like experts on female anatomy the anatomy of uterus-havers while obviously not knowing shit

That would be horrifying to go through even if it was lifesaving surgery to get rid of cancer.

Whatever happened to 'first, do no harm'?

Endless opportunities to exploit them financially is what happened…

A relative of mine had a mastectomy last year and it was super painful and uncomfortable for her. She ended up getting a reconstruction to feel whole and normal again after the cancer treatments.

Its not the same because the doctors who do mastectomies for cancer have to meet standards of care. They have to get the cancer out without doing too much damage to surrounding tissue. If they can't do that, they fail. But the only standard for gender quacks is "YEET THE TEETS!!!". Thats why patients have such a rough time claiming damages

Ill start by saying that I am in no way supportive of this self-harm and mutilation.

It is however, quite normal to have this kind of horrendous bruising. I have had several breast surgeries in life and the last one, which removed ruptured implants and necessitated muscular reconstruction was probably several times worse than what this girl presented. You look as if you've gotten hit by a train and it is indeed frightening and depressing. I think of this often for these women, how the terror of seeing that first post op destruction feels, and I wasn't even trying to remove my breasts, only correct them....

Lastly, I have always always had drains left in after these procedures. Always. I dont know why this doctor would not have put in drains.

Yes, I know several breast cancer survivors and I thought the drains were standard after a mastectomy. All those women had pretty serious complications as well, some lasting years after the surgery. In their case it was clearly worth it, but I don't see how doctors can market this surgery as "no big deal" and appropriate for healthy children. It isn't comparable to a nose job or other relatively minor cosmetic surgeries.

I actually knew of a 16 year old who died during a cosmetic nose job. How did her parents live with themselves after that?

The drs market on TikTok top surgery without drains.

A lot of TIF patients are grossed out and don't want to deal with the reality of getting this procedure done to them. The point they fixate on more than anything is the drains, something obviously medically necessary but a gross part of the process and a reminder of the material reality of the surgery. A common question on old trans internet was "do you HAVE to have the drains?" and the answer was always, unfortunately, yes... now a bunch of surgeons claim you don't really need them and market procedures without using them. Its dangerous and leads to more complications but when they just do the choppy choppy and have a whole team of people to ignore and redirect patients they don't have to care about it :(

I had no idea, thanks for sharing! I've only seen c-section recoveries, and they are nothing like this. (Some bruising can be normal, of course, but we don't typically see very much.)

Do you think that horrific bruising is just the way it's going to be, or do you wonder, could it be because the medical profession has its fair share of blindspots when it comes to women's pain?

The simplest answer, is that physiologically speaking, yes bruising is just the way its going to be. When you are on the receiving end of any super invasive surgical procedure that includes sustained trauma to the tissues....this is what you will get. Regardless if you are a man, woman or otherwise. Its not political, its what our bodies do, and rightly so because its actually an inflammatory response that jumpstarts healing. A body does and should react this way to traumatic invasion. Its not just a woman's experience that is being dismissed. Although it would seem to me that a lack of fluid drains would be an atypical choice in this instance, but also not sex specific. Someone could neglect to put drains on a male body after a procedure and have similar complications.

The more complex answer would hover somewhere around the theory that after choosing this sort of self destructive procedure, is this pain really a woman's pain? Or is this pain an addition to this human persons deeply disturbed fear and need for validation already manifesting in myriad ways pre and post procedure? Reading this woman's Letters to her Editor about the experience, you can feel the undercurrent of righteousness. She doesn't just want to be treated and supported, she wants them to kneel down morally. In the end, the whole damn thing is about validation and if you're asking me, that woman just got handed a bonus victim card with her complications and you can see she hasn't missed beat on that. That damned nurse that told her her bruising was particularly awful and a "first" was a damned idiot. What she did was plant what's called "nocebo" for this woman, and someone in her place is just gonna light up when someone offers them a chance to be special...whether or not its good special or bad special. The nurse is speaking to a patient who is mentally ill, and should be trained not to say dumb shit like that if you ask me.

Everyone in the room should be going back to the beginning and asking what the fuck she thinks she can expect and why is this even an option?

I see. Well, thanks for informing all of us who have no experience with procedures like these what’s normal and what’s not

I just want to point out that you can't actually sign your rights away in the United States. A judge will toss out any contract that violates your right to, well... your rights. The contract also cannot be one sided, they have to give you something in return. This is why when you hear about NDAs in the news they come with a hefty payoff.

They were hoping she was too stupid to know this. They were trying to deliberately take advantage of her again.

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I can't seem to archive this properly, can someone else? The last thing we need is for twitter to nuke the entire thread like they did with TulipR.

Archived: https://archive.ph/TwuDz

The photos make me so angry. She doesn't look like she had top surgery at all, but a breast reduction with how much breast tissue they left. And her body shape is the exact same as so many other TIFs who focus solely on removing their breasts and not the fact that their hips are another huge, dead giveaway. The "bruising" she mentions is almost necrotized flesh. I'm so fucking upset. I will never get over how these people have been sold such a terrible lie and then affirmed through it all even as their own body is fucking falling apart.

Twitter thread and image transcriptions (text only):

Soren, @ sorenaldaco


My top surgery staff dismissed and brushed off major complications, then tried to get me to sign an NDA — emails, documents, and graphic photos ahead...


Before I get started...

Hi! I'm Soren. I started socially transitioning at 11, started medically transitioning at 17, and underwent a bilateral mastectomy last summer, shortly after my 19th birthday.

I now live as a GNC woman — my "full" story is pinned.


JUNE 11, 2021: My top surgery is scheduled and performed.

JUNE 14, 2021: We notice significant bruising under my binder and send pictures to hospital staff. We are told that this is normal.

ATTACHED: The photos we sent to the clinic, 6/14.


JUNE 15, 2021: We attend my post-op appointment, where my bolsters are removed.

My nurse says that she's "never seen bruising like this before" but does not get a doctor. I'm sent home + reassured that all is well.

ATTACHED: A photo taken at my post-op appointment.


JUNE 18, 2021: I reach out about the worsening bruising on my flanks, which is indicative of abdominal bleeding.

Nurse replies that bruising is normal + "should be getting better each week."

I do not think she read my email.

ATTACHED: The photos + emails from 6/18.

Grey Turner's Check-In

S, Jun 18, 2021 to TX

Hey! I'm still experiencing some gnarly bruising on my flanks, and I wanted to check in and make sure that this is just my body healing and not something bigger.

The bruising on my chest has gotten significantly better with the application of arnica and cold compression, but for about as much as the bruising in my flanks lifts, there seems to be more darker spots developing, too.

Please let me know what you think! I'm not experiencing any other negative side effects aside from swelling, and I'm down to just taking my muscle relaxer for pain -- not the hydrocodone or tylenol -- so I'm not too worried but would still appreciate some reassurance in that nonetheless, given my pain tolerance.

Thanks, Soren

TX Clinical I Cra..., Jun 20, 2021 to me

Hi Soren-Bruising and swelling can take up to 4 weeks or more to resolve. It should be getting better each week. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Teresa, RN
Crane Center


JUNE 22, 2021: I call the clinic's after-hours line when my bruising/swelling worsens. My grafts are lifting, too.

It takes over an hour to page the on-call doctor, who dismisses me 3x.

"I don't see what's wrong here."

ATTACHED: The photos sent during our call, 6/22.


JUNE 23, 2021: I end up at UT Southwestern, the nearest hospital with an in-house top surgeon. I am terrified and feeling very vulnerable.

I spend over 8 hours at the hospital ALONE. The top surgery team won't see me, but breast oncology will.


During my ER visit, my incisions are re-opened + pembrose drains installed.

I am diagnosed with massive bilateral hematoma — there is a 16cm mass of blood on my left side, and a 17cm mass of blood on my right.

ATTACHED: A photo from after my ER visit on 6/23.


I spend my next weeks seeing a specialist team @ UTSW. They have me bind foam blocks to my chest for compression.

The drains lead directly to my chest cavity + I have to drain blood and pus directly from these wounds multiple times a day.

ATTACHED: Photos from recovery.


Now, while I love my body and am beyond grateful to UTSW for their extraordinary follow-up care, follow-up by Crane CTS was non-existent.

Here is the email I sent them on July 6, 2021 — recounting what I've told you all here, in detail.

Please read it.

Our Next Steps - Soren Aldaco Hematoma Follow-Up, Inbox

me, Jul 6, 2021 to TX, TX, david, Morgan, judah

To whomever it may concern,

I'd firstly like to give some context for this email, as I have a feeling that some have been left out-of-the-loop regarding the quality of care I've received in association with what ended up being massive bilateral hematoma.

On June 23rd, 2021, I presented to the UT Southwestern Emergency Room in Dallas, TX with a mild fever and extreme, painful swelling across my chest, bilaterally. After two ultrasounds, bloodwork, IV antibiotics, and a consultation with the breast oncology team, it was determined that I had a 17cm fluid collection on my right side, as well as a 16cm fluid collection on the left— both concerning for abscess. We ultimately had to drain more blood than I've seen in my entire life from each of my incisions, and I had temporary drains put in place for one week.

While I understand that hematomas, seromas, and the like are all possible complications that I was informed of prior to my surgery, I also understand that I placed trust in the medical team at Crane CTS to monitor and treat said complications should they arise. Instead, I had my medical concerns, which eventually culminated in the aforementioned ER visit, dismissed on three separate occasions— the earliest dating back to the day before my in-person post-op appointment on June 15th.

The first event of significance, however, was my post-op appointment itself. After taking off my dressings, the nurse assigned to remove my sutures commented that she had "never seen bruising like mine before." We had called to inquire about said bruising the day before and never got a reply despite sending photos within minutes of the clinical staff's request. I eventually called up to the office and was connected to the on-call physician at the time, Dr. Santucci, who spoke with me briefly before redirecting me to my post-op appointment the next day.

Given the novelty of the discoloration, as well as the ringing of the discoloration around where pressure had been applied by the bolsters, I feel like perhaps more investigation should have been done into why this bruising had occurred, especially if it was abnormal enough to be a "first" for one of the nurses.

Nevertheless, Dr. Ashley DeLeon was not called to look nor give her opinion, and I took the nurse's nonchalant attitude as reassurance that this was all a part of my body's natural and NORMAL healing process, just as I had been made to believe.

Upon my return to the DFW metroplex, I stuck close to the aftercare advice I had been given and rested well, icing and taking my medications as directed. Over the next week, however, I began to notice increased bruising in my flanks, which appeared to lighten and darken in waves. At its darkest, my hips were plum purple and tender to the touch, and on June 18th, I contacted the clinical team with photos once again, explaining that the bruising was only continuing to worsen. I unfortunately did not receive a response until over 48 hours later, and when I did, the wording was extremely generic and included that "[the bruising] should be getting better each week" — a statement in direct contradiction with why I had sent the email in the first place, which was out of concern that the bruising was NOT getting better. This gives me the impression that very little thought or regard was put into personally evaluating and addressing my situation.


Here is part two.

My concerns were again dismissed the night that I went to the ER, on June 22nd. I was experiencing an incredible amount of pain, and my chest had started to once again take on the form of breasts — which, as I'm sure you can imagine, is the exact opposite of what any patient ought to feel after having gender-affirming top surgery. As a part of this, my right nipple graft had also begun to visibly lift, and there was a red irritation of the skin along my incisions. My right nipple is still inflamed and misshapen due to this.

Dr. Santucci, the doctor on-call that night, was made aware of these symptoms, including the fever I had experienced prior to taking Tylenol earlier that same day. When we first began our call and I was informing him of my concerns, he made a rather insensitive comment in regards to my autoimmune disease, telling me, "Oh, so you're not ACTUALLY immunocompromised," and that "immunocompromised means things like HIV or AIDS." Not only was this remark incredibly tone deaf, but I should be supported and not nit-picked about the language I use in reference to my own chronic illnesses. A few moments later, after Dr. Santucci directed me to send photos of my chest "to the number [he was] calling from," I politely asked what that number was, to which he responded, "Is it not right in front of you?"

Aside from the fact that no patient should ever face such condescension by a medical professional, no matter how "stupid" or "frivolous" their questions may be, I literally couldn't see the number by virtue of A.) my caller ID settings and B.) our call being handled by a third-party service. This only made me feel more defeated and belittled, especially given that I was in an obviously vulnerable position even having to make that call.

Once Dr. Santucci received the photos, I was met with yet another sarcastic remark: "Is there something here I'm missing? This looks fine." Not only was my chest NOT fine— something that other medical professionals were able to identify from those very photos— I had to PUSH for further action to be taken. After I was asked whether or not an anti-biotic would suffice, I requested, to Dr. Santucci, that I be "checked out." His response was to ask me what I meant by "checked out," and if it happened to be wanting to be seen in-person, that he could possibly get me in the next day.

I obliged despite feeling incredibly uneasy about my physical state, because I did not feel like Dr. Santucci had any faith in my concern, given his dismissiveness. Once the call ended, I was in tears. I felt not only discouraged but also undermined; my expectations for Crane CTS had been let down gravely.

After talking with my family and reviewing the experiences of others (as well as the "Seek Emergency Help" indications provided by your office,) we decided that I needed urgent attention. We did not feel comfortable seeking care under the same doctor that had dismissed me, however, so we chose to go to the ER at UT Southwestern in Dallas rather than the ER at the Westlake Hills Medical Center in Austin. It was NOT an option for us to wait until the next day, given my medical history— ESPECIALLY in consideration of the fact that concerns related to this sudden worsening had been noticed by me and dismissed by clinical staff for over a week at that point. Moreover, I have valid reason to feel that I would not have received the same level of support, care, and belief had I chosen to wait and seek care under the same contract that had let me down so extremely.

In this, I'd like to first ask the extent to which Dr. Ashley DeLeon has been kept in-the-loop regarding my complications. I feel that it's unprofessional for her to have not contacted me nor reached out at any point post-op— especially given the number of times I've contacted the clinic with concern, as well the specifics of what said concern entailed— but I have reason to believe, given how other physicians and surgeons have reacted to my case, that Dr. DeLeon might not be as aware as the trusted surgeon of a massive bilateral hematoma patient ought to be.

Furthermore, I'd like to ask what the Crane Center plans to do to make amends for this mortifying mishandling of my trust and care, as I'm now out thousands of dollars in medical bills for issues that could have— and should have— been evaluated and acted upon prior to the necessitation of emergency medical intervention.

I hope that we can come to a resolution on our own without needing to involve legal counsel. I also prefer that we maintain our correspondence by email, so that we have a tangible and easily accessible record to refer back to.


And part three — because they were not talking to me at this point.

Please respond as soon as possible, because I am serious about having this situation addressed professionally and promptly. My last contact with your office should not have been the phone call I had with Parker informing you all of what had happened on June 24th. It is now July 6th.

I have included photos from before and after my ER visit, for reference.


Soren J. Aldaco


This is the response I got from my doctor, BTW. I've included my own response for context.

Follow-Up Inbox

Dr. Ashley DeLeon, Jul 9, 2021 to me, David, Kristin

Dear Soren,

I'm sincerely disappointed to hear about your post-op experience to date. What you've described is definitely not the type of feedback that I commonly receive from my patients. I would really appreciate the opportunity to continue to be a provider of your medical care and assist in you having a full recovery and, more importantly, ensure that you are satisfied with your results. I'm confident that I'd be able to do so, if given the opportunity.

I've communicated to my support staff that getting you seen on my next office day, which are on Monday's, is of the utmost priority. Unfortunately, I'm in the OR during business hours for the most part on Tuesday through Friday, however, if Monday's in general are not convenient, I'd be happy to try to figure something out with you and perhaps come up with something that would work out. I will have to have the office and medical support staff also available to be able to appropriately facilitate your office visit.

Please let us know how you would like to proceed and we'll be on the lookout for your response.


Dr. DeLeon and The Crane Center

me, Jul 26, 2021 to Ashley, David, Kristin, bcc: Te...

Good afternoon,

I appreciate you reaching out, and though I wish I could have replied sooner, I needed time to heal and digest the events that have happened.

While I would love to work with you on my recovery and absolutely adore your bedside manner and results, I cannot confidently nor comfortably seek care under the same staff that undermined my trust and health.

Unfortunately, because weeks lapsed between when I notified CraneCTS of the oversight and complication that occurred and when you were informed of these concerns and reached out to amend them, I have already established an extremely supportive and attentive medical team between the Breast Oncology and Plastics units at UT Southwestern.

These physicians have helped me throughout the entire complication and recovery process, and as much as I appreciate your gesture, I'm afraid that all the "dirty work" of making me feel comfortable and safe in this situation has already been handled.

At this point, all I request is just compensation for my ER visit, since I do not feel that my condition would have escalated to the necessity of emergency medical intervention had signs of complication not been dismissed on three separate occasions. I also do not want our correspondence regarding this to affect my collaboration with the authorizations team on negotiating insurance compensation for the surgery itself.

Please get back to me at your earliest convenience. I will be on a lookout for your response, so that I can do my best to reply within a timely manner.




Continued below

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Continued from above

Soren, @ sorenaldaco

The CEO eventually reached out to me, asking for receipts so they could "consider all the facts."

No apology from him. No apology from Dr. Santucci. Only from Dr. Ashley DeLeon, who I doubt even knew this all was going on.

It took them over a month to get back to me.

David Constantine, Aug 10, 2021 to me, Kristin, Ashley


In order for us to consider your request for reimbursement for your ER visit, can you kindly provide copies of all bills, insurance statements and receipts you have in regards to the specific ER visit in question. Once I have this information, our senior staff will meet to review your case. Please note this is no way indicates we will be able to honor your request for reimbursement, only that we need all the facts in order to consider it.


David Constantine (he/him/his)
Chief Executive Officer
Crane Center

me, Aug 17, 2021 to David, Kristin, Ashley

Good afternoon,

I have attached the notes and summary from my ER visit, which includes a description and pictures of my condition, as well as the corresponding detailed bill from UT Southwestern's MyChart portal. I haven't yet been able to access any statements from Aetna, but I will update you as/if that changes.

$421.31 appears to be the running total.


Soren Aldaco ER Bill Summary.pdf
Soren Aldaco ER Visit Summary J... .pdf

me, Sep 15, 2021 to David, Ashley, Kristin

Good afternoon,

Do we have any updates on this? I've attached a scan of the paper bill I received.

Please get back to me as soon as possible.


Soren Aldaco UTSW Bill.pdf


When they finally DID get back — it was with a signed agreement and an anti-disparagement clause.

...after another month, BTW!

David Constantine, Oct 8, 2021 to me


I did get approval to offer you a settlement amount to cover your portion of the ER visit. I'm having the paperwork for you to sign drafted now and should have to you early next week.

Thanks for your patience,

David Constantine (he/him/his)
Chief Executive Officer
Crane Center

Settlement Agreement

David Constantine, Oct 15, 2021 to me, Lisa, Kristin


Please read and sign the attached settlement agreement and return to Lisa Allen, CC'd above, to get the requested payment.


David Constantine (he/him/his)
Chief Executive Officer
Crane Center


This was the contract they sent me, in its entirety.

The disparagement clause is on the fourth/last page.


This Settlement Agreement, Full and Final Release and Indemnity Agreement ("Agreement") is made and entered into by and between:

"Claimant" — Soren Aldaco
"Defendant" — Crane Center

"Released Parties" — Defendant's volunteers, parent and subsidiary corporations, sister corporations, partners, partnerships, affiliates, heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, subcontractors, successors, assigns and insurers, with respect to each of the foregoing persons, firms, corporations or business entities, their respective agents, servants, employees, directors, owners, stockholders and all those who may be or who might hereinafter become liable.


A. 011 June 11, 2021, Claimant underwent chest masculinizing top surgery, which resulted in a post-operative hematoma. Hematomas are a common, well documented risk/complication of this surgery. The Crane Center made the Claimant aware of such risk in consultation and pre-operatively, both verbally and via written/video education. Claimant signed a consent form indicating understanding of such risks. Claimant alleges that Defendant did not respond to his concerns about the hematoma in a timely manner and/or to his satisfaction, thus he presented to a local Emergency Room for treatment. Claimant is asking the Defendant to cover the cost of this ER visit ($431.21). Defendant disputes and continues to deny that any act or omission on its part was a breach of duty, if any, or that any alleged breach occurred.

B. Claimant and Defendant desire to enter into this Agreement in order to provide for a certain payment in full settlement and discharge of all claims which have been made, or might be made, against these Defendant and Released Parties or in all pleadings filed in the above-captioned case, upon the terms and conditions set forth below.


  1. Release and Discharge

1.1 In consideration of the payment set forth in Section 3 below, Claimant herein completely releases and forever discharges Defendant and Released Parties from any and all past, present or future claims, demands, obligations, actions, causes of action, wrongful death claims, rights, damages, costs, losses of services, expenses and compensation of any nature whatsoever, whether based on a tort, contract, product liability, negligence, gross negligence, negligence per se, respondent superior, premises liability, bad faith, Deceptive Trade Practices Act, breach of contract, breach of Insurance Code, fraud, malice, statutory or common law, or


other theory of recovery, which Claimant now has, or which may hereafter accrue or otherwise be acquired, on account of, or may in any way grow out of or be related to the incident described in Recital A above or any pleading filed in the above captioned lawsuit, including, without limitation, any and all known or unknown claims for property damage and personal injuries to Claimant, or any future wrongful death claim of Claimant's representatives or heirs, which have resulted or may result from the alleged acts or omissions of the Defendant and the Released Parties.

1.2 Claimant agrees that he is releasing and discharging Defendant and the Released Parties for any responsibility whatsoever for the incident described in Recital A.

1.3 This Release, on the part of Claimant, shall be a fully binding and complete settlement among Claimant, Defendant, and the Released Parties.

1.4 Claimant acknowledges and agrees that the release and discharge set forth above is a general release. Claimant expressly waives and assumes the risk of any and all claims for damages which exist as of this date, but of which the Claimant does not know or suspect to exist, whether through ignorance, oversight, error, negligence or otherwise, and which, if known, would materially affect Claimant's decision to enter into this Agreement. Claimant further agrees that has accepted payment of the sums specified herein as a complete compromise of matters involving disputed issues of law and fact. Claimant assumes the risk that the facts or law may be other than Claimant's belief. It is understood by the parties that this settlement is a compromise of a doubtful and disputed claim, and the payment is not to be construed as an admission of liability on the part of Defendant or the Released Parties, by whom liability is expressly denied.

Indemnity Agreement




3.1 In consideration of the release, indemnity agreement and warranties set forth herein Defendant and the Released Parties agree to pay, on the Claimant's behalf, the total disputed amount owed of $431.21

3.2 It is understood and agreed that all sums paid constitute damages on account of personal injuries and sickness, within the meaning of Section 104(a)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and none of the payment is for interest or punitive damages or lost wages. It is further understood and agreed that said sums constitute sufficient consideration to give full force and effect to the release of all claims and to all other provisions of this agreement.


4.1 Claimant further warrants and represents that all expenses of any and every nature and character whatsoever incurred by Claimant or on Claimant's behalf arising from the incident above described and that relate to the claims and causes of action asserted against Defendant have been or will hereinafter be paid in full by Claimant, and upon request, Claimant will furnish evidence to Defendant of the payment in full by Claimant of all expenses and bills. This includes but is not limited to any and all hospital liens, doctor's liens, medical liens and superior rights of claim and subrogated interests (including qualified ERISA plans), Medicare liens, Medicaid liens, and/or any other liens applicable to the claims and causes of action asserted by, through or under Claimant against Defendant. Claimant also acknowledges and warrants that in deciding to settle this claim, Claimant is not relying on any oral or written statements or representations of Defendant or the Released Parties, except those contained in this Agreement.

4.2 Claimant agrees that this settlement is based upon a good-faith determination of the parties to resolve a disputed claim. The parties resolved this matter in compliance with both state and federal law.





5.1 Claimant agrees that he will keep the terms and amount of this Agreement confidential and will not disclose the amount of terms of Agreement to any person including but not limited to any current or past patient of the Defendant, any medical board and/or any independent business review platform hereto, This provision is not, however, intended to limit their right to give non-malicious and truthful testimony should Claimant be subpoenaed to give such testimony. The parties mutually desire this provision and the mutual obligations in this Agreement are sufficient consideration to support the confidentiality provisions of this agreement, if any.


6.1 The Parties agree that, unless required to do so by applicable laws, regulations, or legal process, they will not make any disparaging statements or representations, either directly or indirectly, whether orally or in writing, by word or gesture, to any person whatsoever, about the other Party or its affiliates, or any of its directors, officers, employees, attorneys, agents, executors, or representatives. For purposes of this Section, a disparaging statement or representation is any communication which, if publicized to another, would cause, or tend to cause the recipient of the communication to question the business condition, integrity, competence, good character or product quality of the person or entity to whom the communication relates.

Representation of Comprehension of Document

7.1 In entering into this Agreement, Claimant represents that he has reviewed the terms of this Agreement. These terms and conditions are fully understood and voluntarily accepted by Claimant.



Of course, I wasn't going to sign my rights away without a guarantee that Crane CTS had taken measures against this sort of malpractice.

Here is my perfectly reasonable response, sent on October 15, 2021.

I haven't heard from them since — it is now June 21, 2022.

me, Oct 15, 2021 to David, Lisa, Kristin


Thanks for getting back to me! I've looked over the agreement and appreciate the time your team has put into its drafting, but I do have one question before I sign.

What measures have you taken to prevent this from happening to someone else?

I cannot, in good faith, forfeit my right to talk about this incident without first ensuring that patients' experiences will be taken seriously and not dismissed, as mine was. In particular, I want to know how this issue has been addressed in the nursing staff, who did not think that the ringed bruising on my chest nor the deepening bruising on my flanks were indicative of complication, and whether or not any of what's happened has been discussed with Dr. Santucci. I find it odd that Dr. DeLeon was the only person who reached out with a formal apology or response to what I went through, despite her having very little to do with any of the hardship I faced.

If you'd like to set up a meeting to talk about this, please let me know. I'm happy to sign once I'm sure that these matters have been adequately addressed.


Being completely transparent — I was sent a small check shortly after, which I put towards my ER bill.

Now that I've taken a critical lens to my gender dysphoria and realised its mishandling by my providers and clinicians, I can't not speak up, though, y'know?


This has been a rather lengthy thread, so if you're still here... THANK YOU!!!

Once again, please see my pinned tweet, if you haven't already — and feel free to RT/boost, because I know I can't be the only one with an experience like this.


They nuked Tulip's Twitter!?

I guess I shouldn't be entirely surprised. Still sucks though

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His thread on detransitioning that went viral was mass reported by TRA and deleted, not his account though

Horrific and wholly unethical. I am sad for this woman. These "doctors" should be in prison.