When asked about the impact “trans rights” have on women’s rights, Jentoft denies there is any conflict, and addresses the concern by saying “rights are not like a pizza where some get more and others get less.”

"Why do Black people keep whining about Jim Crowe? Rights aren't like a pizza where some get more than others!" /s

For real though, I normally hate playing the race card. But I can't take it seriously when a White dude who lives in an almost entirely White country talks about oppressed people and civil rights. Of course he has that mentality! Oppression isn't real to him (unless its a woman telling him to leave her alone).

FRI, which originally focused on advancing the rights of the gay and lesbian community, shifted its campaigning towards destigmatizing fetishes as it began to take up the cause of transsexual lobbying.

Of course it did. And now the gay rights organization is all about straight men in lipstick

Since 1996, FRI’s activism has focused on pressuring the World Health Organization (WHO) to declassify fetishes and paraphilias as mental health disorders. In 2018, the organization, which often displays the “BDSM pride” flag

We need to pass a law that nobody else is allowed to make new identity flags! I don't wanna know what the BDSM flag looks like! 🤮

While police are still investigating, if she is found guilty, Ellingsen could face a prison sentence of up to three years for her comments.

This should scare the shit out of all of us. Three years in jail for saying "males can't be lesbians"!!!! And they'll probably lock her in a cage with a sex offender

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This is so horrible. The police seem to so easily and readily charge women with hate crimes for being gender critical. Yet where is the police when women are being kidnapped, abused, harassed, and raped? Do the police respond to domestic violence and abuse towards women in the same efficient manner, and charge the male perpetrators? In reality, the police often just dismiss, minimize, gaslight, and ignore women's concerns and reports of harassment, violence, and abuse.

It's infuriating. How can Christina Ellingsen be charged with a hate crime, when “Christine Marie” Jentoft engaged in a debate with her and actively tagged her in a picture? Throughout their entire exchange, why didn't Jentoft ever express feeling uncomfortable, "scared", and why didn't he end or attempt to end the debate/online discourse--if he was so scared? How can Jentoft be the victim, when he actively participated in this exchange with Ellingsen? WTF is wrong with Amnesty International and the police

Why is it not hateful when men degrade women in online spaces, but when a women has an opinion about trans issues, it suddenly becomes hateful? JKR get inundated with threats of violence, rape, an death, and yet that is not considered to be a hate crime

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Falsely reporting women to the police in order to discredit their victims-- thus guarding themselves against any abuse allegations that victim might raise against them-- is something that male abusers have been doing since it fell out of fashion to commit female abuse victims to mental institutions. Ellingsen is proving the need for sex-based protections for women from men even while this man claiming to be a lesbian attacks her while hiding behind his trans-woman identity.

The question is, since this false reporting behavior is almost always a response to guilt that an abuser might carry over his own abusive behavior, what is Jentoft doing that sparks her need to attack and discredit Ellingsen in this way?

Not surprised--Amnesty was captured long ago.

Yup. I was astonished when I first learned about it as I used to donate money to them for the good work they used to do. And suddenly I was told by them that I don't exist at all (no such thing as the female sex etc.), and most of the news on their front page were about trans women in various countries where it probably is quite difficult but usually not more difficult than being female.

I have always wanted to learn how all these organizations (NOW, Ms, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Amnesty) got captured so rapidly. It must have been a combination of gender studies departments replacing women's studies in universities in the 1990s and money coming from certain sources? Am I right that it's largely handmaidens who are doing this within those organizations?

I think a lot of it has to be money. At some point, there were enough old guard feminists to put their foot down. I think it was a combination for NOW and Ms. of feeling like they were losing younger generations and seeing this as a way to stay relevant - and "benefactors" offering badly-needed $$$$ on the condition that they got Board seats and some control over how their money was spent. Anyone involved in lefty activism knows how often you have to hold your nose to keep getting funded. I think they probably saw it as a necessary compromise and then the new guard brought on more and more of their own until they could drive the old guard out.

This is why I feel TRA is an organized psyop - it was all done so smoothly and successfully behind the scenes. Every movement I've ever seen has progressed in jerks and bumps, with infighting and leaders who get the spotlight and then find people in the movement criticizing them and eager to steal the throne. Trans ideology hasn't had any of that - their rise to power has been whisper quiet and there's no real figureheads or policy statements to point fingers at. It has little in common with any other grassroots movement pushed by people on the ground.

I am so with you--HOW did this happen? Did no one in these organizations fight back???

I think I read here or some other GC online where it showed TRAs online talking about how to infiltrate, join, bring in more of their supporters & then get elected/appointed to decision making boards, positions etc. In the organizations. With Ms. & NOW I wonder if they also thought they needed to agree with the new views to get younger women to join them-in particular the ones who went to colleges where post-modernism-queer theory had taken over women's studies to become gender studies. At one point I think Ms. & NOW did try to appeal to a broader group of women & now it seems it's more to the "liberal elite" & wokerati- who they may see as the influencers for the younger generations. And also- how to stay relevant when some of what they worked for succeeded. But other goals were still not met-but they didn't want to keep spinning their wheels on some of the intractable problems that didn't seem like they could be changed.

I read that article about trans talking about infiltrating organizations too. First by appearing to be a small number and no threat. Then by getting on committees and getting elected to key positions and by stealth increasing of their numbers while doing this. I can’t find the article anymore though.

God damnit, another organization I used to support along with the ACLU. I started my high school's Amnesty chapter back in the day.

What crime is this woman even being accused of? This man has the right to freely lie, but women don't have the right to speak at all?