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One thing for sure, I will never again identify as transgender woman — a label that not only endorses questionable medical experimentation, but also has a negative impact on the rights and dignity of females.

That’s a rarity, a detransitioned man acknowledging harm to women from his actions.

Every step of the way along my peakening, I thought "surely other people will see this and understand" The cotton ceiling didn't do it though. Trans widows didn't do it. Female inmates being raped didn't do it. Detransitioners, with their absolutely heartbreaking stories, in the hundreds, all just like this young man's, didn't f¢¥|ng do it. How do you read these things and still not care more about your fellow humans than your dam tiddy skittles? The sheer malignant narcissistic entitlement. It's astounding.

Right?????? It took me a few weeks to really peak and puberty blockers, butchery surgeries (he had a total of 5??), colostomy bags at 25, and obviously all the damage to women and especially lesbians, all these horrible things are happening right now. To real human beings with feelings.

How can you not care, i genuinely do not understand. Still today, I'll tell people this and expect them to be shocked and some 20% are as shocked and angry as me but the rest are like, so what?

Realizing how little empathy most people have and also how cowardly they are has really made me more pessimistic about other people.

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butchery surgeries (he had a total of 5??

It’s common for them to have more, partly because of how complex it is the surgery is usually broken down into “stages” but after the fact it’s very common for the body to reject the… creations so they have more correction surgeries

Very true! I have seen so many vids now of TIMs and TIFs having 1 to 6 (!!!) revisions and they still end up with colostomy bags, no feeling, fistula literally everywhere... I only know the word fistula from trans butchery, i don't even know what the translation in my language is because besides trans butchery, it's pretty rare!

I think they can’t see it because just how HARD individualism is pushed, the whole movement encourages narsassistic behaviour and thought and a “it won’t happen to me” attitude

While my dating pool initially increased, I was told by members of my transgender community that men who were comfortable with my penis were “tranny chasers” who didn’t see me as a real woman. This, coupled with the fact these men often didn’t want anything to do with me out of the bedroom, made me feel like I would never find true love until I had completed all of the surgeries associated with transitioning. My mental health began to deteriorate, and I decided that I needed bottom surgery in order to feel happy.

I mean, chasers usually don't want to bother with TIMs outside the bedroom anyway. Especially when they're young. There are chasers that want some sort of companion when they're older, and they usually prefer anal sex anyway. This is something TIMs should be aware of before they get their genitals chopped.

I later discovered the surgeon, Dr. Salgado, who had done my last three revisions was let go from the University of Miami for taking pictures of his patients while they were under anesthesia and posting them to Instagram.

Blaire White admitted that many of the gender surgeons in the US were chasers and very fetishy. They are sex predators. I wouldn't be surprised if these doctors molested or even raped their patients while they were drugged.

I have also met criticism from those who still subscribe to gender ideology who claim that me speaking on my experiences will take away “life saving” care from trans people. But I got that care. And where is my life?

TRAs only care about themselves, and no one else. No matter how much these other people have suffered.

In addition to the criticism from those who champion gender ideology, I also get flak for having long hair and nails but identifying as a man. Yet again I am being criticized for not fitting certain rigid definitions of masculinity — the very thing that set me down this path in the first place.

But I am done trying to ‘correct’ myself to please others.

I am done shifting shapes.

God, this poor soul. I would actually love to see medical technology be able to regrow lost body parts for everyone, detransitioners included. I don't take any pleasure or feel smug. I don't sneer at them because "they did this to themselves." I 100% blame doctors. TIMs/TIFs mental illnesses and personality disorders wouldn't amount to shit if doctors didn't collect money to operate.

And when we mention about the rising case of detransitioners with horrendous trauma, TRA likes to keep throwing their "proof" that "ackshually, they only detranssed because pressure from an intolerant society?? And transed back soon after, so you using detrans as a wEaPoN to attack is is invalid uwu". Like NO, you bottom feeder, we're not talking about THOSE detransitioners. I don't doubt that those who detranssed was because of pressure, but we're not talking about them. TRA are purposefully ignoring those who are damaged from the misdiagnosing and how watered down the definition/requirements to even consider having gender dysphoria. I would expect them to not listen to us when we bring up these stories, but to flat out ostracize those who went through it and are telling their side of the story says SO much about these TRA.

Even if they dretransitioned under family pressure, which few of them say was the reason, the medical ramifications are what they are. You either had a stroke or your didn't. You either live in chronic pain or you don't.

Anne Lawrence was forced to resign from a Seattle hospital where he worked as an anesthesiologist for examining an unconscious female Ethiopian patient's genitals for FGM.

Ah, I see he's from Albania. I lived there for a year, their society is INCREDIBLY misogynistic and overwhelmingly hostile to gay people. I can understand why he thought that going trans was a way to be who he is while still conforming (somewhat) to their societal expectations. Iranian culture is very similar from what I understand, and they have one of the highest rates of MTF surgery in the whole world.

God, what an awful story. If he'd just been allowed to live as a feminine man, grow out his hair, wear dresses, whatever. He was sold a fucking lie about 'trans medicine' and 'sex change' and thought he needed that 'life-saving' surgery. I truly hope that if any progress is made in 'trans medicine', it's for the detransitioners who have suffered under that so-called 'care'.

"I have also met criticism from those who still subscribe to gender ideology who claim that me speaking on my experiences will take away “life saving” care from trans people. But I got that care. And where is my life?"

So sad . . .

He has a sugar daddy that looks like jabba the hut, he really needs to get mental help, shame he didnt get it to start with but once all this gender woo woo is over I dont expect mental health services to change.

I was wondering how he could afford to go through all this even with insurance.

Ah ffs this guy again. So now he's out trying to get interviews.

Ngl seems like an attention hog at this point

I have to somewhat agree, honestly. I am so wary of male detransitioners at this point that I expect him to flip back around and start blaming feminists any minute now.

People treat these severely mentally ill people like they're some kind of "ally" every time they say something positive about women or being gender critical. I think it's funny.