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Ok, so now it covers sexual orientation, a selection of races, perversions, fashion choices and a particular group of people with a medical issue. Any more random groups they want to glom onto? I suspect they've added intersex so they can attack anyone who disagrees with them as ableist and discriminating on the basis of a disability. No cheat they won't try.

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Maybe throw some religions in the mix? But only oppressed brown religions of course. I could also see some anti American or Israel stuff? The modern left loves antisemitism after all. Maybe also some vegan stuff? Although i hear there's a clash between white veganism and POC as well as disabled people. Is there a flag for disabled people? Finally, maybe we should put aliens and ghosts on there, i mean what's less cis normative than a completely new species from a different planet, maybe they'll bring new genders too 🤣