They're doing a drag story hour here (not at a library or school though) and some idiot is complaining on social media about "crazies" targeting her and how they need security. The "crazy" basically messaged her saying this wasn;t appropriate for kids. Several people on the post giddily said they couldn't wait to bring their children. It's madness.

Sometimes I think about when conservatives say "liberalism is a disease" when I hear these people voraciously defending drag storyhour and forcing it on their children. I am not religious at all and don't believe in it, but at least people forcing their kids to go to church and the like might introduce their kids to public service, loving thy neighbor etc. What does drag story hour teach them? Overt sexuality for any age is ok? Women are a joke men are allowed to make fun of? Consume consume consume makeup and clothes?

What does it teach? I’ve wondered this as well and I feel there’s a contradiction with these people because I think their position is partially that they’re teaching their kid to be exclusive by showing “different kinds of people” and they’re indicating that it’s okay to look different or to dress as a girl if you’re a boy. The underlying assumption is that they’re so aware and intelligent when it comes to child development…but the contradiction is this kind of lesson is above a young child’s head. I’m sure it just seems fantastical to them in the way that a clown or a costumed person does. It’s not at all just “see boys can wear girl stuff” or something when you look like drag queens look. Especially when you even call them “she” and pretend they’re women.

She is exactly right, drag events do not belong anywhere near schools.

It erases boundaries and it’s bad politics. Seems proponents of DQSH haven’t thought through the potential blowback.

It really is like society has gone collectively insane. In the same world we can’t have reasonable sex education and by reasonable I mean basic biology, anatomy and physiology. How both female and male bodies work. How to track the menstrual cycle and when the fertile time is. Education about birth control and how each method works. Education about STDs. Education about sexual assault and what it is. When to seek help from a parent or trusted adult for problems ranging from the medical to harassment and assault.

We can’t teach these things but overt grooming into alternative sexualities and so called identities is being pushed? Exactly when did exposing children under the age of reason to things like drag queen story hour become a thing? Fifteen or twenty years ago, hell, even ten I can’t imagine anyone of any political stripe thinking any of this was even remotely appropriate. It truly is some sort of mass insanity.

This!! We DO need basic biology textbooks like this & classes. Written in age appropriate ways. & Encouraging parents to review them instead of hiding what is being taught. Especially the very basic biological & anatomical facts. Because there are a LOT of people who don't know them. We need to put this out in the open-& if opponents try to claim it is bigoted-challenge them to publicly state why basic biology shouldn't be taught. If they go full ACLU- as in claiming in the Calif lawsuit about prisons-that there is no hormonal, reproductive, anatomical, physiological difference between.males and females- that would peak a lot of people.

Thank you. I wasn’t thinking of this specifically to the trans issue. I was thinking about what children and adolescents need in terms of sex ed. It seems that the basic facts are out the window, like how human bodies actually work but teaching trans and porn and god knows what is just fine?

More adults than people realize don’t know the basics of human reproduction and reproductive health.

I have a friend who is a tenured professor with three young children and he recently posted something online he thought was a clever joke about how he actually enjoys when someone complains about drag queen story hour because it feels like he’s seeing a “human artifact” and went on a little smug ride about how out of touch it is…as if the only problem you could have with it just being like “oh my goodness, it’s too weird and out there for our innocent babes!” But, it made me realize that’s probably the case for the majority of people.

I’ve seen many friends posting the corny memes like “GOP can’t do ______ but they’re worried about drag queens!” and I can’t fathom why everyone just buys the rhetoric that my friend posted about, and then just walks in line to demonstrate they are cool people who aren’t up tight about harmless stuff like drag queens, how pathetic!

It’s weird because if they’re SO smart why can’t they fathom anything deeper in the opponent’s objection? I guess it’s because they’re only so smart in their heads and it’s plausible to them that it’s as easy as those who disagree being that stupid. It truly haunts me these people have made approving of all of this some sort of class issue.

200k to have clowns read to children? couldnt they get the teachers to dress up what if the kids are frightened of clowns?

if theres no agenda behind it then they are no different to clowns, just guys paid to dress up, plenty of kids are frightened of clowns, do they have a program that costs 200k to get clowns into school to get kids not to be frightened of clowns, would anyone send death threats over clowns if not whats the difference?

"“To insinuate that these performers are groomers, during the month of Pride at that, is wildly homophobic and bigoted. No Council Member should be able to spread this kind of hate,” he tweeted".

is he assuming they are all gay? what makes them gay?, does he believe normal clowns are not gay? what makes him think clowns cant be gay?, pretty sure my kids primary school teacher was gay he didnt dress in drag, what is this councilor implying?.