Queen will be weighing in again in January issue. Calls for end to climate of fear.


Queen will be weighing in again in January issue. Calls for end to climate of fear. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/jk-rowling-thinks-people-afraid-144624668.html?guccounter=1


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this woman is truly amazing. she's suffered the hate and abuse and slander that most people would not be able to tolerate for such an extended period of time, but she refuses to let it stop her. like she said in this article people are too scared of losing their livelihoods and safety to speak up against this nonsense, which makes it even more admirable that she has dedicated her self to using her platform to help those voices be heard. also, this part in the intro made me roll my eyes:

despite emotional pleas from fans and Harry Potter cast members for her to reconsider on her stance on the subject.

"reconsider her stance"?? Is this something they think could be changed with introspection just like "genital preferences"???? they really think that continued harassment will force her to step down or backtrack, but they don't realize that once you have escaped the gender cult it's impossible to brainwash yourself back in. no turning back past the peaking point, and either way, being publicly slammed by the people who literally owe their careers to her is certainly not going to make her 'reconsider' lol

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they really think that continued harassment will force her to step down or backtrack

They seem to genuinely believe that all the misogynistic harassment and death threats will eventually result in her saying, "You know, you've won me over! You are the progressive ones!"

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probably because they're used to bullying other people into submission under the threat of cancellation (aka social ostracization, losing your job, danger of violence,etc). I don't think they understand though that she is completely uncancellable. she is rich enough that she could get blackballed from literally every future opportunity, never have a platform again or make another cent in her life, and still live extremely comfortably. and whether they like it or not people are still going to be talking about her in 100 years time - not bc of her TERFistry, but because she wrote the most popular children's book series in existence.

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Not only could she self-publish at any ole time, she could literally fund the development of a entirely new medium and have a reasonable chance at succeeding.

I can draft half a memo before getting distracted by flashing lights

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She'd have to be cancelled in every single country in the world though, lmao. She's beloved everywhere. Like Japan is building a new theme park for Harry Potter in Tokyo right now.

It's actually kinda funny how trans people love their anime avatars when Japan loves HP so much, and don't think transwomen are women.

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I don't think they care about that, I think a good portion of them genuinely want to see her commit suicide or something similar. There is no forgiveness in the trans community, you either obey or you die.

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Wouldn't put it past them considering how they celebrated Magdalen Burns' death :(

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It's all empty virtue signaling with 0 morality from their part, it's no surprise they think it's possible for her to "reconsider her stance"

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yup. it's obviously very easy for them to completely abandon all sense of morals and ethics in order to pander to whatever woke movement is the most popular at the moment, so of course they're baffled that she's not doing the same. i'm guessing they're expecting her to mass delete everything she's ever said and paste a 10 page notes apology just like libfems do when they get accused of transmisogyny 😭

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It's an adult woman who had been abused and was a single mother who earned her way to fame and fortune versus the children who don't remember NOT being famous and rich. And, they're no longer children, or even young adults, and you'd think they'd have matured enough to understand their own good fortune and that JK is still far ahead of them in terms of life experience and thoughtfulness.

But, no. I note the completely unoriginal observation that being rich and famous from a young age actually stifles maturity and moral development and fosters a sense of absurd self-importance. And, rudeness, apparently. The only HP actor who behaved admirably was the young woman who played Luna -- who had an eating disorder and wasn't a regular in all the movies and who JK put forward for casting because of a correspondence they'd had related to the actress's difficulties. Even though she didn't appear to agree with Rowling, she alone refused to see her as some cartoonish evil person, twirling a mustache with transidentified people tied to railroad tracks. And she was vilified for being a person who can have a relationship with someone she disagrees with -- a true sign of an adult, in my view.

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As if she's going to back down right after the Keira Bell case literally just proved her right....

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right? I can totally understand why she's refraining from commenting about it, but I would really love to hear her thoughts. i'm sure it was a happy moment for her, as it was for many of us

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Indeed, would love to have a chat with her about it! :')

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The “emotional pleas” comment was so goddamn funny to me. I’m not sure why, I think it’s just the mental image and the level of melodrama that it evokes, especially relative to how moderate and reasonable her statements are.

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despite emotional pleas from fans and Harry Potter cast members for her to reconsider on her stance on the subject.

So I guess "choke on my girldick and die cunt" now constitutes an 'emotional plea'

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remember, women's words are literal murder, but transwomen's rape and death threats are just their special womanly way of reacting to twansphobia

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omg I'm going to be reading that word with the 'w' in it from now on, lol! Thanks!

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Anger is an emotion too, as much as men would like to label it not one :)

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Men would definitely be the 'emotional sex' if it was... Can't control their anger to the point they beat people up and murder them.

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I'm still aghast they are calling all the rape and death threats as "emotional pleas", jfc. how dishonest can they get???

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I remember being in my 20s and suddenly seeing all these little kids dressed up to attend the bookstore on the release dates of the Harry Potter books. It was absolutely wild.

As a lifelong reader, it warmed my heart. She gave these children an invaluable gift - the love of reading - and it was a beautiful thing to witness. I am happy to have witnessed it.

I do not like how many of these children turned out.

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I was about ten when the first book came out, so the perfect age really. I lost a lot of my friends doing the right thing and supporting other women so I think I have turned out pretty good. :)

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She taught them (*us, this is my generation and my childhood) they could be anything the wanted, regardless of their biology. Unfortunately we also grew up with the burgeoning internet and some people forget reality is not solely their online lives...

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we really are living in an upside down world because the daily mail has been surprisingly good recently about covering trans issues. they seem to be one of the only publications that is capable of posting a neutral journalistic article about JKR without throwing in a couple sentences about how she's an evil TERF, kills trans people in her spare time, etc etc. like I just can't believe that one of the sanest publications in regards to gender issues is also the publication that thinks celebrities having cellulite is a news story. 🤦🏽‍♀️

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Right! I wonder if it's because they love to stir the pot, or if the editors and writers really do believe this is all nonsense.

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probably a mixture of both LOL. although if they wanted to bring more traffic to their website, they would definitely be taking a pro-trans approach to pander to the genderists like practically every other publication. The fact that they're going against the grain like that makes me think that they really do believe this is all nonsense

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I think they just pander to readers. Lots of people read it for celebrity gossip. And most people just plain don't think men can become women.

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i really think DM believes this is all nonsense. so do their readers if you take a look at the comments section!

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The Mail have also been pretty great about covering stories re violence against women for a long time.

A lot of its "evil" reputation in the UK is from how it was under its former editor Paul Dacre. It's a different beast now and it's much less malignant than it used to be. I'm not really defending it and I'm definitely not defending the Sidebar of Shame (maybe I kind of am - it's horrendous, but it seems to work for them as a way of getting enough clicks to survive. All their articles are free unlike most papers.) But it really does do some things pretty well and it's certainly not the loathsome entity it once was.

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I believe the paper supported the rising Nazi party and some people haven't moved on from that despite the fact that the people who thought that was a good idea are probably all dead.

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"Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting."

Fuck off Yahoo. The real reason you're suspending comments is because most people agree with her and have stated so on your website. Stop suppressing people's abilities to discuss serious issues with one another.

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despite emotional pleas from fans and Harry Potter cast members for her to reconsider on her stance on the subject

Wait what? I don’t remember and “pleas” to change her stance. I remember attacks on her character, shaming her, throwing her under the bus, and distancing while repeating the TRA mottos. Hell, not even the “talking points”, just the mottos, like robots.

But no “pleas” as if they were trying to convince her of something they believe to be true in good faith.

Unless you consider temper tantrums for someone to submit to your will a “plea”

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Right? And even if people come to her in tears and pleading from the bottom of their hearts, IT IS STILL OKAY FOR A WOMAN TO DISAGREE WITH THEM.

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Good on GH for letting her have a platform to speak truth and sense. I guess GH hasn't been knee caped into TRA submission.

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despite emotional pleas from fans and Harry Potter cast members

Emotional pleas. That's all they've got. Looking forward to the full interview.

And what the hell is with the "JK Rowling remains silent on Johnny Depp domestic abuse row" addition? I like the bit describing it as "the latest film in her cash cow Wizarding World franchise". Very impartial 🙄

Nvm, apparently the Yahoo story is a copy-and-paste job from Prick News. Explains it all.

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I'm in awe. I truly, profoundly admire this woman. She's one to look up to. She'll go down in history. She must.

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the 'trans witches are witches' sign in the photo tho... They are showing clearly they have no fucking idea what she has actually said. She has no problem with trans people.

Yeah, those signs were very cringy to me as well. "Hur dur, I can spew platitudes a la bible verses."

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I love her, but I worry about her. It's awful the amount of hate she gets.

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