Just let it go Emma, you're not special.

She could be replaced by any actress who would gladly take the role, and I’d never notice or care.

You would notice if they'd cast an actress who actually deserves to be called an actress.

Emma Watson is absolutely free of any talent, and I've said it before - I'm baffled that she still is getting offered any roles. 🤔

That’s not true, she’s exceptionally skilled at portraying the uber brat in bling ring, she’s perfect at being her true self in that film 😉

Yeah she's not that great, the other two actually have some range to them. She can't seem to let her own mannerisms to to play a role.she reminds me of that one girl in iCarly. Also any Hallmark movie acting. She's always "Emma", but she doesn't have the charisma to make a career of it like The Rock can.

It's crazy if you didn't know the context, you'd think ''oh my god what did JK do? did she abuse/kill someone??'' no all she said is that men can't be women lmao.

The more attention Emma Watson gives this, the greater attention is brought to what JKR actually said. And she was remarkably moderate at the time, and now looks even more gentle the more gc views are being given light in msm/mps being direct & unapologetic about this (here in UK at least).

If EW wasn’t such an utterly feeble actress, I’d think she’s undercover gc, because this is the Streisand effect x a million.

Hahahahaha for real!!

Men do the most vicious things and maybe there is little fuss. Women say the most bland thing and everybody is losing their mind.

I hope Rowling can laugh at the situation.

The best part is, she didn't even say that!!! She went out of her way to be way too friendly, saying maybe maybe some tiny small little places could still be maybe sex segregated, sometimes. Maybe. I honestly wish she just went full TERF, i often feel like TRAs hit extra hard when they see a woman is already cowering, while they seem less interested when a woman is unapologetic. Obviously cause they're pathetic man baby cowards.

[–] Genevieve 87 points Edited

I find it interesting that she's the only one going on about this. The other actors made their statements, some backtracked a bit, some tried to soften their comments but had the same stance, yet this ridiculous woman is the one getting highlighted. I think it partially has to do with pitting women against each other as much as it has to do with their opposing views. JK hasn't even mentioned Emma, as far as I know. She doesn't even acknowledge the actors in that way. Yet, the media is fanning the fire when they reach out to Watson, and she takes the bait.

Also, she might be the one being pursued by the WB for a potential HP continuation, or whatever they're looking to do, but to allude to her not needing it as much as they need her is bonkers. That girl isn't a good actress. If it weren't for her role as Hermione, which was cute while she was a kid, there isn't a way she would've been a breakout star at all. She's dull to watch, and I've seen a few things she's been in. She ruined the live action Disney remake of Beauty & the Beast for me. She's just not very compelling in anything.

She's a disrespectful brat. She doesn't have to agree with JK, but the way she continuously throws her under the bus just so she can appeal to men that cosplay as women is so pathetic, and the most un-feminist thing she could do. I mean, she's not even elegant about the disagreement. She doesn't come across as the eloquent genius that she's made out to be.

That girl just irks me.

Let’s be honest: most TRAs are women. Now, I tend to see the very worst TRA takes (e.g. trans women belong in MMA) from men, but the fact is, polls show that women are more accepting of TRA ideology than men. So it’s not surprising to me that Emma is bending over backwards to slag off JKR. Sadly, I’ve seen many women go out of their way to prostrate themselves for ‘trans rights’, and it never fails to remind me of teenage girls who make horrible generalisations about women in order to score points from their male peers.

Patriarchy has really done a number on us, and women like Emma are the proof.

I agree. Be Kind has done a number on young women.

“Be Kind” and telling them being cis (aka not being men) is a privilege they need to repent for.

And it's at least partly about getting back at Mom too, or demonstrating that the young cute girl has not one thing in common with the older evil hag.

Given how much stick Emma has been getting lately for supposedly ageing poorly, I have no doubt that this enters into the equation. Basically: ‘I’m not a hag, she’s a hag!’

It’s really sad.

She ruined the live action Disney remake of Beauty & the Beast for me.

To be fair, that remake likely would have been shit with or without Watson. But her insistence on adding faux ""feminist"" nonsense to Belle's character and her atrocious attempts at singing certainly didn't help

Oh? What do you mean with " faux Feminist " ?

[–] pennygadget 26 points Edited

Watson refused to wear a dress with any kind of corset (which might be why the ballroom gown in the film looks like a cheap prom dress). She insisted on making Belle the inventor instead of Maurice (because just being a bookworm isn't cool enough, I guess).

They also made Belle the only woman in the village who could read (and Belle got in trouble with the villagers for teaching little girls to read books). Basically, the villagers were made cartoonishly sexist (which they weren't in the cartoon) just so Emma-Belle could look more like a feminist hero by comparison. Which is just bizarre because, in this movie's universe, nobody bats an eye at a Black dude flirting with White women. But they LOSE THEIR MINDS over a White girl reading books and inventing gadgets. LOL

[–] kahnradosho 6 points Edited

I hated that they cast her as Belle in Beauty and the Beast. She can't even sing! Then they hid someone like Gugu Mbatha-Raw (a gorgeous woman and talented actress who CAN sing) behind CGI instead of making her Belle!

I feel like they just made her Belle because at the time of the movie internet soyboys were still going crazy over her.

Emma’s career is going nowhere fast, her role in Little Women was reduced and she’s done nothing of note since. I wonder if this is just her playing hardball with the only role she can do so on. I’m sure she’d be thrilled to return as an adult Hermione if WB gave her enough money.

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At this point, I don't want to see any of the three stars in these roles again. Their failure to give the benefit of the doubt to the woman to whom they owe their careers--someone they've known for over half their lives--was disgusting. Not even a little decent struggle--not even, 'This just doesn't sound like her--there must be some explanation' or 'I can understand where she's coming from, I just don't agree.' It was scorched earth right out of the gate. May it happen to them someday when something that matters to them proves unpopular with whatever bullies are in the ascendant at the time.

Maybe Rupert. Rupert was far kinder to JK than any of the other trio.

[–] SecondSkin 2 points Edited

He claimed he wanted to inject some kindness into the debate and then yabbered on about twaw and most oppressed ever etc. he didn’t personally call JKR the devil, but he’s not far off EW imho.

*completely irrelevant but him naming his daughter Wednesday bothers me also. I’m from the generation who hears Wednesday and thinks Addams. But he’s from the generation that hears Wednesday and thinks humpday. And that’s all I think about when I see his gormless face.

Tbf even if he named her Wednesday after the Addams Family that’s a little goofy. Shades of Kevin Smith naming his daughter Harley Quinn.

Has he added something since his original statement? I just remember some TWAW bla de bla.

He said something on the line of "my relationship with JKR is complicated, she' s an awesome human but we disagree".

Which is not a bad statement per se, but I am not giving him leeway given his TWAW stance while at the same time knowing fully well that his kid is a daughter.

He said something to the effect of you can still love someone even if you disagree with them. He may toe the line with TRA's, but he's not calling for her to be burned like the other 2.

That’s like saying you’ll go swimming as long as no water is involved. Without JKR there would be nothing for her to return to. I don’t think she thought this one through lol

Not quite; there's probably a very lucrative future in a remake based on a Hogwarts where everyone identifies as a wizard.

Instead of being assigned to griffindor or hufflepuff, you're just going to choose what you *identify * as. Largely I imagine the plot will revolve around magic that is purpose-built to violate biological law and women's feelings, and they'll cast voldemort as a terf.

The rapidly flying quidditch ball will symbolize the infinitely moved goalposts and every other movie will feature the cast changing pronouns.

Watson’s greatest accomplishment has been her successful rewriting of history for the last few years where she has convinced the public she wanted anything to do with the Harry Potter franchise at all. Those of us who were alive and massive fans since the beginning will remember she publicly threatened to quit several times and repeatedly talked about how their (very standard) contracts were so awful, not letting them dye their hair, get tattoos, or play combat sports, and it was ruining her life. She came back to the franchise because “I couldn’t bear to watch someone else play Hermione.” I paid attention to these stories when they were happening.

She wants to pretend something different now but during the series there were often complaints about her rudeness toward fans, her unwillingness to discuss the franchise when it ended because she hated it, and her straight up diva behavior. Here are a couple of links I could dig up one, two. There were many reports of her being rude to extras and fans and impossible to work with. It’s rich of her to pretend anyone wants her back in the franchise since she was the weakest of the main cast, and she wasn’t well liked by the fans. As an actual fan, no thank you. I don’t even say this to be rude, she’s not a talented actress and I’m not interested in watching her in anything, especially not Harry Potter.

She has turned her public one-sided spat with JKR into her career, since she’s a mean girl, it seems to be her most successful role yet. She could’ve publicly come out and said “I disagree with JK on this issue but respect her as a colleague. No further comment.” Instead she's using it to buy back public support she's lost with her bad behavior since she was a teenager. It’s really pathetic tbh.

Wow she sounds like a typical trustfund kid who grows up so sheltered they think because they got birthed by someone wealthy, they're gods who can look down on mere mortals who were not born with a silver spoon in their asses

Yeah, there are other unconfirmed reports through tumblr and similar platforms (one, two) that talk about her behavior and it is really not shocking that she is taking jabs at someone who literally has not said one thing about her. Why she is using JKR as her excuse to “leave” the franchise, I don’t know. She has hated the franchise since she was a kid and the likelihood of her returning was always close to zero.

I agree 100%, she’s a spoiled brat who has a lot of nerve pretending she has the slightest understanding of the hardships faced by women like JK and has made no effort to consider why they might have a different opinion.

[–] SecondSkin 3 points Edited

Didn’t she get caught fiddling the books to avoid paying her taxes also? (Or something along those lines).

Edit, checked & think this was what I was recalling. https://amp.smh.com.au/business/banking-and-finance/panama-papers-harry-potter-star-emma-watson-denies-tax-dodging-after-offshore-account-revealed-20160511-gos25y.html

Oh yeah I forgot about that. I honestly think most of her nice stuff is all just a badly crafted PR campaign. She’s not that good of an actress so most people see through it.

[–] immersang ★♫☆❉★♬☆ 4 points

there were often complaints about her rudeness toward fans

Really? Ah, that's a shame. I met her once in London, when either the second or the third movie was premiering, so she was about 12 or 13 at the time. And she was honestly the sweetest kid. Very nice to the fans, seemed genuinely excited about it all.

I'm sad how she turned out anyway, but it particularly saddens me to read that apparently she changed that much in attitude in general.

I was not aware of the whole drama about her maybe not returning to Half-Blood Prince, but I guess at that time I had already moved away from "super fan territory" and did not follow everything quite as extensively as I once had.

Yeah, it’s honestly somewhat sad to me that she was cast in Harry Potter. Even though Grint and Radcliffe annoy me lately, they are very talented and they’ve been very gracious about discussing the films and interacting with the fan base. They’ve essentially been supportive of the franchise in general and been very open about their experiences and respect for their role in it. Watson, ironically since she’s the least talented, seems to have come to the conclusion that she is instrumental in the series or something? Idk. She’s not. People don’t love HP because Emma Watson’s involved. I personally like it in spite of that.

She says this like she thinks she's a good actress...

Even putting aside the fact that I am one of JK's biggest supporters, I'd be thrilled about the possibility of Emma not being in Harry Potter just because she was awful in it.

I used to think she was pretty good for a child actress. But now that I compare her to the young actress for Leia on the Obi-Wan Kenobi show...

I think child actors have gotten a lot better since the time HP was made, and none of the HP stars would hold a candle to today's lot. It's not just the girl who played Leia; it's a whole bunch of them. The kids from Stranger Things come to mind; I don't think any of them would win Oscars in season 1, but they were miles better than the HP trio.

Rupert was the only passable one, and even he wasn't great.

That little girl is something isn't she? I have thoroughly enjoyed that series, probably one of my favorites so far. I could go on but I don't want to derail the thread.

[–] ovaryacting Dilatemadaboutit 33 points

For a woman that supposedly does not want to be associated with JK, she sure does a lot of media coat tail riding with her virtue signalling.

It' s the only thing she has going on for herself. She' s going to milk it until the bitter end.

Ok, bye Emma.

She does know JK wrote that damn universe, right?

mMaybe she thinks Harry Potter wrote Harry Potter. It wouldn’t too far fetched considering her magical thinking about men being women…

Was anyone even asking? LOL

Putting aside one's feelings about Watson....shes in her 30s. The only plausible way she could play Hermione again is if they adapted The Cursed Child into a movie. And, with all due respect to Rowling, Cursed Child sucked ass. The original movies had a concrete ending. Harry and his surviving friends lived happily ever after. What else is there for them to do?

And Watson is in no place to be picky about jobs. She's not that talented. People only care about her because she was in Harry Potter as a child. She's stunk up nearly every film she's done since then. And her demands that Beauty & The Beast incorporate empty GirlBoss feminism into the film made an already unnecessary remake an absolute train wreck (not to mention her hideous robot singing butchering those classic Howard Ashman songs). If she got her way and came back as Hermione in a new production, she would DEMAND that Hermione be a trans rights activist who locks TERFs in Azkaban or whatever. It would be AWFUL!

Modern kids don't want to see Harry and the crew in their 30s. If Warner Bros wanted to revisit those characters, a reboot would make more sense. Perhaps in the form of a TV series instead of movies so they could flesh it out better.

The list of her other projects does not make her sound “discerning,” it makes her sound like she’s living off of Harry Potter royalties and will be forever.

From what I know they’re completely rebooting the series. The notion that she’d play hermione again is laughable; it’s possible they’d give the original actors roles as teachers or something but Emma Watson doesn’t have the chops for playing someone as iconic as Professor Trelawney. She’s not a character actress; she’s the ingenue, and as you’ve pointed out wrt Ellen Page, that has a shelf life.

[–] Ibbie 12 points Edited

Either Watson is quite stupid, or she's saying this just to get her digs in and flash her handmaiden card. There's no such thing as a Potter production without Rowling involved, because Rowling has retained a lot more control over the use of her intellectual property than most authors have. And any Potter show will mean money for Rowling, which she can apply to causes she supports. Causes such as women's rights, which Watson has turned her back on.

I also always get deeply offended by the idea that the creator of the work can just be chopped away somehow.

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