Wow, I'm shocked Glenn Greenwald actually shared this. He has been on the trans train in the past (and I'm guessing still is), so I wouldn't have expected him to give this issue the time of day.

He's been VERY active in the anti-censorship discussions lately. He recently resigned from the news outlet that he co-founded over issues of editorial control. But yes, I agree that this was pleasantly surprising. I'm still mad at him for finger-wagging at JRK over the summer, but this helps.

Ok, I was out of the loop and didn't know he'd recently resigned over that very issue. And yeah, I'm probably still seething over him joining in on the JKR public shaming crusade, but I guess men are just gonna be misogynists and that's that. :P

Probably has a lot to do with this

That is the worst fucking article though.

This is a man who has regarded Martina Navratilova as a hero since a very young age, a man who self-admittedly knows nothing about sport. And yet still he cannot accept the idea that maybe Martina Navratilova knows what the fuck she's talking about when it comes to women's sport. Like, just maybe she's more clued up on this issue than he is?

Instead he thinks she arrived at her considered opinions after taking the huff because a bunch of misogynist fuckwits on the internet were mean to her, oh, and probably her male coach was also influencing her thinking. It's jawdropping.

oh yeah, no, don't get me wrong, i completely agree, i'm not a fan of glenn greenwald, but as far as his reasons for tweeting about this issue i think his experience with trying to make this documentary is some useful history

I don't know much about GG, but I could've written an article with that tone not so long ago. It felt more desperate than arrogant to me.

He really didn't want his people to be as wrong as he knew they were on some level. He didn't want to put them off by saying it bluntly, and he maybe didn't even want to face up to it himself. So he tied himself in knots pretending that there was some world in which the attacks on Navratilova made sense.

Now he's seen that no amount of throat baring to TRA's will work, and he's coming out for the right side. I can respect that.

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Honestly, I'm rather impressed with the type of person that can put aside their personal opinions to champion basic freedoms.

I really liked what he wrote a few tweets down:

Censorship is always a tactic people turn to when they know the public has turned against them and the ability of people to speak freely threaten hegemonic power and control over information.

More people need to call out the fact that an actual professor is telling people to steal and burn books.

Screw that, I think more needs to be said about a lawyer representing the ACLU is demanding the same, and flat out saying she wants to ban other people from saying what she wishes weren’t true.

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Right? From the ACLU which regularly defends the free speech rights of the KKK and the alt-right, but for some reason has decided that women talking about men negatively realistically is too much. Wonder what could be different...? 🤔

I’d lay that squarely at Chase Stragio or whatever’s feet. Probably others too. They chased out the Georgia director a few years ago over her questioning the bathroom stance. https://www.ajc.com/blog/politics/georgia-aclu-director-resigns-over-transgender-fight/SNEPqzwOyUqtWlxJHH6hoI/

Whenever I read most Twitter threads, I come away shaking my head at the stupidity of most people using the platform. I’m so glad I fled it a long, long time ago.

While I often disagree with Greenwald, I appreciate that he doesn't seem to be beholden to either conservative or liberal ideology and seems to be consistently independent and pro-free speech.

Greenwald was on board trans uber alles for years. I wonder if he changed his mind or is just concerned about free speech in general.

I'm guessing it's coming from the free speech angle

The free speech angle is compelling to some people who couldn't be bothered to care about women, though. I'll take what we can get.

Maybe he cares about free speech or maybe he cares about journalism having a minimum standard.

Wow, this is huge! I imagine the mods are going to be flooded with requests to join.

I'll take it! I also love that he cited Jesse and Katie's tweets, for a lot of reasons.

GG isn't someone we want to buddy up to. https://thedailybanter.com/2014/10/09/ipad-hacker-released-jail-parties-glenn-greenwald-publishes-neo-nazi-screeds/

Also, his porn-company past. https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/greenwald-reporter-broke-nsa-story-lawyer-sued-porn-biz-article-1.1383448

I see him as an opportunist who will lock on to whatever makes him the most relevant/gets him the most attention/makes the most $$

This. GG is a flaming opportunist and it's depressing that we are so desperate for allies that we're willing to overlook his past and his hypocrisies.