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I don’t believe that anyone, anywhere, actually likes that flag. It’s objectively ugly. I think it’s like that more or less on purpose, the way many AGPs are ugly on purpose. Getting people to display an ugly flag is a more effective dominance display than getting them to put up a flag that actually looks nice with an attractive colour scheme.

But I am glad to see that they feel free to say it!

Also, this from that thread is so well put.

There's a certain quarter of people (mainly student activists) who see anything they didn't invent themselves as backward and bigoted.

It’s so true! Even some people old enough to know better seem to think that everyone was living in the Victorian era up until gay marriage was legalised.

This is fantastic!


Also, apparently the rainbow flag is a TERF symbol now?

Everything is terfy to them, one day they will wake up in the morning look in the mirror and scream TERF!.

thats what happens when they invent imaginary enemies to hang all their hate and problems on.

Give it a couple more years and the rainbow flag will be officially declared a hate symbol

why does intersex have a flag?

is there a flag for Irritable bowel syndrome, baldness, diabetes?

Intersex people have been victims of gender ideology with their bodies being chopped up without their consent to meet society's standards.

LGB are sexual orientations while "intersex" conditions are disorders of sexual development. The gay community has been stoned, imprisoned, executed, ostracized and "transed" away throughout history. Rainbow colors are symbols of light and enlightenment. A glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel

I have no problem with "intersex" people having their own flag. But please, don't appropriate the rainbow or add the I to the letters. It's LGB. Not LGBTQAI+

That thing is such a perfectly hideous representation of the TQ’s intrusivity bullshit, you couldn’t make a better parody flag if you tried.

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"Unfortunately, a lot of discourse around LGBTQ+ people and within LGBTQ+ spaces just ends up being about gay rights and gay experiences, ignoring the rest of the GRSM (gender, relationship, and sexual minority) identities. This means that our rights are not being furthered as much as gay men's rights."

Maybe... now hear me out... but maybe this is because gay men never asked for anything that was batshit unreasonable and trampled on the rights of other people?

Considering what gay men did to bring "queer culture" to the mainstream, meaning sexual violation and domination but "progressive," I disagree with that. Sheila Jeffreys speaks on the topic a lot

Fact of the day: historically, the triangle has always been the symbol of masculinity as it represents a basic phallic shape! Make of that what you will.