If it’s harmless, it shouldn’t matter to the medical providers

If it’s just putting a pause on puberty, they can just restart their puberty like turning a movie back on

If the hormones and surgeries are life saving and nobody regrets them, then there will be no lawsuits to worry about

It's great that Tom Cotton keeps proposing bills (he also introduced one to keep men out of women's prisons) like these but can he please be useful for once and use his power, influence, and stature to actually get these bills passed? Otherwise it's all just grandstanding to get his party votes with nothing actually being done.

Seeing as how he's in the minority party, it's ridiculous to pretend that he's not doing what he can and that the actual problem is the Democrats refusing to be open to persuasion.

He is in the minority party but I'd like to see more sincerity from him on these. The GOP is gonna sweep Congress comes November rather we like it or not. If it's gonna be that way they might as well do something good for us. With Cotton I'm in a wait and see mode. I hope he won't drop these when he can actually get these to the floor.

I'm guessing that at this point, it won't pass. But it's the right thing - and the strategy that will work (eventually).

So, good!

I don't know if this would be constitutional. Med mal/tort law is usually for states to decide. I suppose given the number of people who cross state lines for treatment it will still cover a lot of people, but I can see this being challenging in court.