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After using it for over 20 years, I closed my PP account today. I told them that what they did to Colin Wright was unAmerican and unacceptable. Their business is transferring money, not policing and punishing wrongthink.

Heh. Good for you, Nediljka

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Well hopefully it won't totally bite me in the butt later. But maybe as more people get fed up with woke Big Tech there will be renewed interest in prosecuting anti trust laws and breaking up the monopolies that confine our consumer choices.

It’s true that these large online services are free to adopt their own policies, and can ban people for any reason they want—or for no reason at all.

Whether we like it or not, payment processors are now a big part of the economy. And unless these companies can find a way to excise ideological bias from the implementation of their usage policies, some kind of government-imposed regulatory oversight may become inevitable.

My issue with the whole "it's a private company" spiel is that there are situations in which you don't really have other choices.

Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, these websites have essentially become the town square. Everyone is free to use the IRL town square because it's public property, it's free, it's protected by the first amendment, etc.

But what happens when you literally aren't allowed to leave your house to go talk at the town square? During the pandemic lockdowns it was illegal to be outside your house if you weren't getting necessities. So those websites become the town square by proxy.

What happens if you cannot post on those websites? Where can you go to be heard and express your first amendment rights? You literally can't go to the IRL town square, it's illegal during the lockdown. So what now?


Another frustrating situation is companies who have no actual way to contact them except for Twitter. If you're banned from Twitter, how do you contact them about the product or service you've purchased from them? Many people don't find out until after they've purchased it, so what now? There needs to be some legal avenue to force companies to have contact information that isn't dependent on Twitter mods.

Etsy, Paypal...corrupted & captured by gender ideologues. Disgusting.

Huh. I didn't know Colin Wright made that particular political cartoon. Interesting.

Awful what happened to him, though.