"By sixth grade—last year—she had adopted male pronouns and a boy’s name, and had started wearing a breast binder."

This is a 12 year old. TWELVE. They don't like being called groomers, maybe they should stop, I don't know, fucking grooming innocent kids into their cult?

This insanity has to end.

"In a subsequent email to Boutet, Dinh said that parents anonymously protesting the curriculum had left many MCDS faculty “with feelings of unsafety,” especially those, she said, who were LGBTQ+."

Translation: one activist TIM on the faculty had his feelings hurt when his aggressive agenda met pushback. "Feelings of unsafety" is an abomination of a phrase.

[–] spency Shayy 1 points

Seriously. Nobody lesbian or gay or maybe even bi would feel "unsafe" from being told they can't fucking groom children into self-mutilation.

He's uncomfy, you see, better stop trying to safeguard your children! Bigot!

Don't you see he has to trans and eventually get your child mutilated or he'll kill himself. 😭

This is so unbelievably disturbing. And further that they would allow adults to claim that they feel unsafe because parents are trying to protect their children? What world is this? Don't the children deserve to not be trans and then mutilated? Oh but wait, that makes adults feel unsafe. Which is of course total bullshit

[–] hmimperialtortie AGP = evil 1 points

If an adult feels “unsafe” because parents protect children, check their hard drive.