Another mediocre male starts winning the women's competition immediately after transitioning. How curious that this keeps happening.

"'My thing is, I'm not gender neutral. I'm a girl. The whole idea of a third category invalidates my sense of identity,' she said"

Well, let's just destroy women's sports entirely to protect your delicate fee-fees. Nobody else's opinions matter, everyone must bow and scrape and genuflect because to do otherwise would make you uncomfortable.

A woman is not a feeling in a man's head.

They'll try to hang their hats on that one - "sure, you can make an open category, but I'm a girl, so I'll play with the girls." That's probably why FINA had the good sense to reinstitute chromosome testing.

"My thing" is, you're not a girl, you never were and never will be. You're a 20 year old guy with long hair who enjoys riding a bike. Why is that not enough for you? You look no different from any of the dudes with long hair in the old 1970 rock videos.

"There are much bigger issues in women's sports, things like economic disadvantages and just... general rights and things that are happening in that area."

Oh snap, he forgot to memorize the deflection bulletpoints.

Pretty sure "Kate" is straight up lying here. I've looked into this and please, if someone has seen or discovered something different, let me know. But he claims that TIMs have even lower testosterone levels than women. Every study I've read said quite clearly that TIMs cannot lower their testosterone that much and always have 2-4 times as much testosterone as women, even after 2 years of cross sex hormones.

On an additional note, "Kate" can go suck his own dick.

Funny that women athletes never seem to spend a lot of time discussing their testosterone levels, it's only ever transwomen who have to constantly drone on about their testosterone levels.

It’s a totally irrelevant argument either way. If I were to power lift for five years and then stop exercising for six months, I would still be significantly stronger than I was five and a half years ago. It would be completely unfair of me to challenge a woman who’s never so much as picked up a dumbbell to a weightlifting contest because “I haven’t lifted in months.”

Similarly, I don’t really care what any TIM’s current testosterone levels are. They’ve already had the unfair advantage of male puberty.

If you actually cut your balls off, your T will fall dramatically. The adrenal glands still make some... in both males and females. So it won't fall to zero. But it will fall.

But I think very few actually have this done.

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Please, by all means, keep speaking out sir!!!

'The idea that a few trans women coming into a sport and often times not even winning, that's what is going to ruin women's sports, is pretty horrifying.'

‘And sometimes they don’t even win’.

Well, there’s your proof that it should be totally open to men with moobs, total open season

Cheating on a math test and getting a D- doesn't mean you didn't cheat, Kate.

Love that point!!!

Especially since it makes them extra stupid

Sorry, Kate, thing are tough all over, and fairness matters. You have an advantage, because, as usual, you were a mediocre man and suddenly a champ competing with women. And you know it. Get over it and quit whining. Find a hobby or something.

As an aside, it's so weird to me how TiMs end up looking so old after they start "transition". I looked at the first photo it showed of him on this article and I honestly thought he was in his 40s. Then I started reading and saw he's only 20? Geez.

Liar Thomas showed that men could play as 'women' and win. Now, the door is open for mediocre men to dominate women's sports.

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He says that the new FINA rules are arbitrary. This is true saying you must transition before 12 is arbitrary. Setting testosterone limits is also arbitrary. Why not make no male be able to compete instead, that's not arbitrary.

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