You don’t force pronoun pins on people for the same reason you don’t force them to recite the Lord’s Prayer or observe Ramadan. This is overstepping and wouldn’t likely win a court challenge since GC views are protected. Why do orgs continue to set themselves on fire over this?

[–] [Deleted] Shayy 9 points

Because these idiots will be woke until they literally can't anymore. They'll fight like hell to shove their bullshit down everyone's throats as long as they believe they can and its relevant.

Why do orgs continue to set themselves on fire over this?

Because the urge to hurt women and put us back in our place overrides all the other senses combined.

I think this is part of the plan. Split the left over this ridiculous unscientific nonsense, divide and conquer. I don't know what the solution is, we all have to decide for ourselves which is our main concern, women's rights or trying to counter rampant capitalism and exploitation. Shit choice, we lose either way.

Yeah it seems like a perfect way to bust up a union. The women will probably get blamed for leaving but gender BS is NOT what a union is for!

When people talk about "splitting the left", it always makes it sound like we're the ones who need to just put up with the nonsense, just suck it up, and if we don't, then it's our fault that the "left is split".

But I do not feel united or in solidarity in any way with people that want me out of public space entirely, by doing things like taking away women's bathrooms. I'm not in solidarity with that and never was. If they want to split off and do their own thing and not take me with them, I don't consider that my fault.

Agreed, it's not our fault - it's been imposed from above and it's a really really shit choice that we shouldn't have to make. But here we are.

And i am not in solidarity as well with people who would ruin my life over wrong pronouns for fetishistic narcissistic man-babies

every woman should leave, it will save money now when we need to tighten our belts, why pay money to a union that wont support you, I hope the union goes bust.

[–] Yemaya 13 points Edited

Why is a union that should focus on workers rights trying to get people to wear dumb name tags with pronouns on them? Whar a great way to ruin a union. Most everyday working people don’t give a damn about gender and pronoun bullshit.

Just like no one ever admits why so many trans people might think about committing suicide (because they are deeply troubled) no one ever admits why they face hostility (because they are selfish bullies constantly sucking all of the everything out of the room and trapping you in their perverted freakshow, or blaming their self-loathing on all women).

[–] [Deleted] Shayy 4 points

They're deeply troubled via unaddressed mental health issues AND they're told by liberals that if they don't "transition", they'll eventually kill themselves via phony, inaccurate statistics. That's why they all cry "suicide". Hell, I've even seen medical professionals tell "gender dysphoric" children to use suicide to manipulate their parents. It's a deliberate tactic used by a bunch of narcissistic abusers to get their way.

But you're right, they face hostility because most, if not all trans people are toxic, selfish, narcissistic, hateful, privileged sociopaths who demand everyone cater to them or else face terrible consequences. They're literal bullies crying victim when those they terrorize fight back - and just like within the school systems, everyone's taking the bullies side and demonizing the victim for standing up for herself.

Obviously I don't buy into the pronoun crap or I wouldn't be here, but isn't this personal? To me, it would be like wearing a pin that says "I am heterosexual". I mean if you want to do that, ok, but that should be a choice you make not your company or union whatever.

Yes and to me there can be an idea of "I'll mind my own business and you mind your's." But these ideas of live and let live and staying out of each other's business - those ideas don't work, if someone is trying to get me to wear a pronoun pin. At that point, they are NOT saying out of my business.

[–] [Deleted] Shayy 5 points

No, they're not, because trans people get off to being in everyone's business. They want the world to revolve around them, they want to make people uncomfortable, they want to control everyone and everything about that. They literally want to rewrite society into their own hellscape of a "utopia". They LIKE making people, especially women, feel violated and hopeless. It's so fucking sick.

I hate how it's always called a "row". I feel like it really downplays what is happening, like it's making light of the situation.