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This is disgusting. The people who decided this are very, very, very bad people.

It won't just mean women lose, it means women get hurt by men.

Men are notorious for foul play in soccer. They don't play fair - and TIMs are even worse then regular males.

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It won't just mean women lose, it means women get hurt by men.

And that, of course, is why these men do it. Like Fallon Fox, they get to seriously injure women in the open, legally.

I wouldn't wish it on anyone (my best friend in school played Fußball in a Verein for years, she lived/breathed/ate the sport so I have a special spot in my heart there) but it's gotta be a harsh dose of reality for the woke young women of today to happily welcome their TiM teammates, only to have them outplay you easily and then in the first match with a rival team, their TiM(s) kick the shit out of you and whoever has the most/best TiMs wins. How would that not make you feel useless and want to quit the sport?

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This sucks really hard. Afaik it's only for amateur sports so presumably if a TIM or a male spicy straight joins your team, you could go to a another football club, if there is one close by. But that's little consolation obviously.

Fun fact, in Germany we only have one word for sex (Geschlecht), so they call gender the sex that you feel (gefühltes Geschlecht) which i find interesting because it absolutely opens to door to have a race, height, age or disability "you feel".

Edit: link to a German newspaper with comments, the comments are pretty against and basically every one is saying that means the end of women ever winning in football, especially an all woman team going anywhere will be a thing of the past. The top places will be teams that are all men.

I've usually heard "soziales Geschlecht". Which is also funny because they emphasize so much in English that ONLY gender matters not sex, but in German the expression "social sex" makes it sound like the artificial subcategory it is, not like the super important thing they say it is.

Okay, mini-rant incoming: I find this funny about German non-binaries talking about themselves in our language, I have literally heard them say how the first time they saw "they" (the actual English word) as a pronoun, it was like a revelation and they KNEW this was the right pronoun for them. It doesn't exist in our language and yet so many of them still insist people must use it for them. How can you demand people literally use words of another language for you when speaking German?! It's so ridiculous to me and so obviously German wokies just aping English-speaking social media users. /rant

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The thing is ... if you allow TIMs/TIFs/non-binary people to choose which team to play on in the lower/amateur leagues ... how do you ban them from the teams in the higher leagues? - Not at all, I guess.

In other news, transgender politicians in Germany can choose between being a dick and just having one:


while Herr Gay Barbie comes with hair and tattoos but without a todger:


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