"Isn't it awful how those Native sperm & baby receptacles were dehumanized back in the bad old days? Good thing we're progressive now and understand how to treat the uterus creatures with respect!!"

It's terrible that black identifying penis carriers are brutalized by the police so often

Ever notice how these wokies are the most comfortable dehumanizing women of color? It's always "black birthing bodies", I've never once heard "white birthing bodies". Of course all of us are lumped in there sometimes, but it's almost like these liberals don't respect women, or people of color, and especially not people who are both..

[–] ProxyMusic 27 points Edited

Womb carriers? Holy fuck.

So women and girls carry our wombs now like standard bearers in militaries and Olympic torch carriers?

What is the right way to carry a womb?

On pole or stick held aloft but to the side like this guy? https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/391082

Or should we carry our wombs on sticks but hold them out in front of us like these guys?



Or is the proper way to carry a womb in a laydeelike handbag? Is that why Queen Elizabeth II always carries a handbag? And why Margaret Thatcher did too? Was the Birkin bag was invented after the Hermes executive watched Jane Birkin's womb fall out of the wicker picnic hamper she was carrying in lieu of a more conventional handbag?

Does Char Clymer think the infamous "gold lamé pocketbook" he bragged that alerts cashiers that he is a gen-you-wine laydee is really a womb?

Were the Monty Python guys making a comment about womb carrying when they made their famous "handbags at dawn" sketch?

Were these female impersonators of yore taking a dig at women's wombs https://wirralleaks.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/hanbags.jpg

Omg, Freud said that women love handbags because filling them with stuff reminds women of filling their wombs. They literally are carrying their psychic wombs hence are womb carriers. It all makes perfect sense.

I don't know any women who genuinely love handbags. I mean, I know women who like the design of a lot of bags—but any that genuinely enjoy carrying an overfilled purse? None.

It's even a trope, the poor henpecked husband made to carry his nagging wife's bag because she doesn't want to.

I don't want to carry around all this extra shit, but I have to because the world is so hostile to women's needs. Most of the things I need are only present in high end department store bathrooms, and even then it's not a guarantee. Not only that, but the demands placed on women's appearance makes it so that we have to lug around a ton of supplies to keep looking feminine and "hygienic".

I need to carry menstrual supplies, handwipes, handkerchiefs, birth control pills (because they must be taken at the exact same time each day), pain reliever, lip balm, lotion, and all the dumb makeup my job requires me to wear. Plus a hairbrush, bobbypins, hair ties, extra headband (just in case), because our hair is expected to be long, coiffed, and aesthetically pleasing—and that requires upkeep every 30 mins or so.

Next paragraph is pretty specific to disabled women, so feel free to skip.

I personally also have to bring with a lot of braces for my joints and a fold up cane—plus all of my medications—so I now just use a backpack. Unfortunately a lot of stores ban backpacks because of shoplifting, and while I understand they have to protect their assets, it's still a discriminatory policy towards disabled women who cannot carry regular purses. I have to leave items I might need in the car, which means I can't shop as long as I need to—or I have to have a helper with me to run to the car and grab something from my bag, which means I cannot be independent and shop for the things I need. Most of the time I just go to a different store or order online.

I really hate lugging all that shit around, so honestly thank whatever deity is listening for online shopping.

I often don’t bother with one if I only need keys and phone and either have deep pockets or just carry it. It’s surprising how many people are totally thrown off by this, asking where I put my bag, if I’ve lost it or forgotten it, and then telling me I’m weird when I say I chose not to take one that day. I don’t bother with all that maintenance stuff though so I don’t need much most days.

[–] chicagohiker 0 points Edited

I never carry a handbag, just a wallet on a string. If men don't need one, why do I? I never had a job that required makeup or long hair either, where do they require that? My hair is short. I carry a backpack or messenger bag if more is needed, or stick small items in my pockets. I only wear comfortable shoes and get mad that most women's shoes hurt. I hate dresses. I wear clothes that are comfortable. Does any of this make me "gender non-conforming"? Or perhaps "not feminine"? I am hetero. and my S.O. likes me the way I am. Sometimes I feel like a misogynist because I'm mad at all the women who cave to society's pressures and choose conformity over comfort. Unless I was hired to be "acting" a part, I don't g.a.s. that I don't conform. Oh, and btw., I suffered from extreme gender dysphoria as a preteen.


Does Char Clymer think the infamous "gold lamé pocketbook" he bragged that alerts cashiers that he is a gen-you-wine laydee is really a womb?

Oh thank you, I love being reminded of that incident. One of my favorite, more subtle, GC inside jokes.

Also, I desperately need a poster sized print of that first illustration.

[–] Althea 11 points Edited

A TIM tweeted that the phrase "womb carriers" makes him dysphoric and "queasy" (although I'm sure he'd have objected just as much if they'd used the word "women", so I'm not sure what he wants). Someone pointed out that he was making the forced sterilisation of Native women all about him, and he replied, "Okay Karen". Pointing out that abuse of Native women isn't about white people's feelings is the exact opposite of being a Karen, FFS!

Clearly, he doesn't want articles to talk about women's issues period. If women went away, there'd be nothing to compare him to and he could finally be a True Woman.

[–] spency Shayy 6 points

Yup, TIMs do that because they want women to shut up entirely. We either validate them entirely or we disappear. "Transwomen" are about as male as it gets.

We must all pause and take the crazy tweeter's incoherent thoughts seriously, now.

The statement is deplorable, but some of the reactions are great!

Is a male surgeon who carries a womb in a jar also a womb carrier?

Ok so this is obviously so dehumanizing and gross, but also it is so unclear. I thought maybe that was a term used for women of a specific tribe or something. Or maybe men who had stolen and carried body parts of women (those men probably should be sterilized tbh).


Exactly. I kind of read it as some Native thing I don't understand and when you think about it that is super othering. The Noble Savage Womb Carrier.

I thought it might be some kind of special purse for womb-carrying. It would be just as ridiculous as this phrasing (although certainly less offensive).

Yes! Or like, it could include all their female livestock. Like what are we going for here. If only there was a word that included all human females.

I think they deleted it!

I'm not one for fancy handbags, so I prefer to keep my womb in a fanny pack.

Seriously, though, what utterly disgusting language. How are we the ones who are genital obsessed again?

Honestly, the picture I have for this phrase makes me think of a mule that carries a uterus around mindlessly.

Not dehumanizing AT ALL. Don't mind me over here, existing in my mind and body, I'm just here to carry a uterus around in case it's needed for something important or something.

Imagine speaking about this using the mandated newspeak from an ideology currently convincing people it's a 'life saving medical procedure' to sterilize healthy people.

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