Seems like Biden has really made his peace with being a one-term president.

Yup. The only question is, do we get DeSantis or someone like him in 2024, or will it be Trump.

DeSantis scares me because he believes in the same shit as Trump, but he's actually competent.

Hope this goes to the courts and gets destroyed. It’s basically an enforced religious belief and discrimination against the female sex being legalized.

Here's the comment I submitted, which so far hasn't been published:

Title IX was needed coz girls & women were widely discriminated against in US education due to our sex. Millions of female students like me never had a chance for any school sports at all.

Now that female pupils in the US finally have their own school sports, Title IX is being twisted to let male pupils use gender identity claims to barge in. This is grossly unfair.

All records for youth sports show that males have physical advantages over females in sports long before puberty of adolescence. Once adolescence begins, the male physical advantage become huge - ranging from 10-12% in running & swimming to 26% in jumping to more than 160% in throwing a ball.

In contact & combat sports, girls & women face a much greater risk of suffering severe injuries and death when in contests against males.

Why should female students be forced to forfeit fairness and safety in their own sports category to cater to males who claim to "feel like" and "identify as" the opposite sex?

When US Secy of Ed Cardona was head of education in CT, two male teenagers were allowed to enter & dominate in CT girls' HS track. The two male students placed 1st and 2nd in most events they entered, won myriad titles and set records in girls' track that no female runners can match, much less break. Then the male winners said the female runners they routinely trounced should just "try harder."

Using Title IX to justify this new form of blatant sex discrimination against female students is a travesty.

Sets up a clash with reality is what it does 😒

Girls are going to suffer because of this.

The wording "discrimination based on gender identity" always gives my literal-minded self a terrible headache! Dammit, allowing "Lia" Thomas to compete with women is exactly discrimination based on gender identity. The only thing that discriminates him from other men is just his "gender identity". If we want to treat people fairly without regard to their "gender identity" all we have to do is treat trans-identified men like other men and trans-identified women like other women.

-end rant-

When I first saw this article in the NYT this morning, it had accumulated a total of three comments -- two of them (if I recall) were blatantly gender-critical.

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https://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/docs/t9nprm-chart.pdf A summary of changes in the proposed regulation released by the Department:


The proposed regulation will be open to comment by the public for a period of 60 days from publication in the Federal Register (will probably be published on Monday, June 27).

You can read the proposed regulations in full at the link below (only available in pdf at the moment - I will update when the HTML page with the full text is available on the Federal Register's site):


Comments need to be submitted online and I'll post a link to the appropriate Regulations.gov page when it's available.

It's pretty interesting that the Admin is going to issue a separate regulation on Title IX and sports. They probably think the proposed non-sport Title IX reg released today has a better chance of getting through the courts if sports is dealt with separately.

318 comments, 95% of them angry at this. Most liberals like me, furious that Biden is doing this and giving the midterms away to Trump or DeSantis. I guess Rachel Levine and Clymer are hiding the comments section from them.

The Biden administration maintained that the current rules “weakened protections for survivors of sexual assault and diminished the promise of an education free from discrimination.”

“Our proposed changes would fully protect students from all forms of sex discrimination,” Education Secretary Miguel A. Cardona said in remarks Thursday morning