I hope he’s very well supported. Comments aren’t sympathetic to him at all (how dare he sue the NHS! Take responsibility for your own decisions!) and of course he’s not going to get sympathy from TRAs.

Dealing with the amount of hate he’s going to get, AND the court case, and his mental and physical health issues … that’s a lot, and I remember his original thread, which was full of despair. I hope he’s finding purpose and determination in the court case.

Mentally ill people really need to be better protected from this stuff. I have seen so many detransitioners who were clearly not in a state where they would be able to make the decisions for life altering surgeries like this.

I am sorry for him and there must be many like him, but it's not necessarily the NHS he should be suing. The NHS admittedly does bear responsibility but they took their cues from the so-called experts at WPATH, from Stonewall, from Mermaids... this is exactly what those organisations want, fast-tracked medicalisation and never a hint of exploration of any underlying mental health issues. He received, in TRA theory, exemplary affirmative care. He was greenlighted through everything. That the surgery was a disaster is, unfortunately, not all that surprising, given what it entails. But theoretically, that was great trans healthcare, wasn't it? Publically funded, no gatekeeping, affirmative care only... I fail to see how this shouldn't be laid squarely at the doorstep of TRA organisations.

no it is the NHS the guidance they have that tells them to affirm without question comes from the top and goes against best practice, whether they were informed by groups like stonewall is also their fault for taking advice from charity/lobby groups to shape their policy rather then experts in psychology, biology and medicine.

Yes, I agree they bear some blame; I do think though that the blame is shared. The good thing is that this lawsuit will hopefully cause the NHS to roll back on affirmative care and to bring back evidence-based medicine wrt trans health care, as they stand to lose out a lot of money if the court finds in detransitioners' favour (and Ritchie Herron is not the first to come out against the care he received and certainly won't be the last).

I do feel terrible for the young gay men who are groomed into the new conversion therapy. I wish him well and hope he is able to find some peace someday.

This is why the concept of informed consent in trans healthcare is laughable to me. It doesn’t exist. If it did, would we keep seeing these young detrans adults being so willing to share their stories without anonymity? Their experiences have completely opened my eyes to issues of ethics in healthcare and how normalized plenty of other procedures have become, like unnecessary cosmetic surgeries.