I hope this shit starts to change. Women’s reproductive rights are literally on the line now and now’s not the time for “birthing cervix-havers.” Whatever academic came up with this language should have their PhD rescinded.

And the curse is that you might offend a male with your period blood????? He’s lucky to be anywhere NEAR you. How did we ever get so ass-backward?

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"The curse of being a menstruating vulva-haver" would make an excellent gender critical op-ed title...

Spoiler alert... the curse is that we don't have bodily autonomy and we get attacked for calling ourselves the correct term for who we are... WOMEN!!

I predict we're going to see less dehumanizing language (at least for a while) because of Roe, but I don't want wellness websites (or anywhere else) to stealth-delete the evidence of their anti-woman phrasing. This combo I stumbled upon might be the worst yet. There's also a bonus [their] that clearly replaced the word "her."

I have to say I see a lot of "women" used out there again all of a sudden. Even by my most woke friends, Which makes me happy (though I've also seen comments along the lines of "cis-het men might finally care", as though somehow gay men would care more about women's reproductive rights than the men sleeping with them).

Oh FFS, sorry I am a bit tired this morning and overreacting perhaps but the REAL curse on women, aside from having rights stripped away, is not being educated on how our own bodies work. If we were all properly taught as teenagers, there wouldn't be 1/10th of all this about "late" or "early" periods, or the panic about pregnancy risks. This ought to be basic life skills: you only ovulate once, maybe twice per cycle (if twice, the second time within 24 hours of the first), your period will follow ovulation by 10-14 days reliably, you can tell you're ovulating by checking cervical mucus (position as well, if you really want), you can confirm it with bbt, that's it. If you're late, 9 times out of 10 it was ovulation that was late, if you spotted that you're not panicking about your period. It's not rocket science.

This being kept in the dark and told basic facts like in this article as if they are the preserve of the highly educated and mere mortals don't understand is oppression. We are kept dependent on the priest class of doctors to manage our own bodies (!) instead of understanding there is a limited window for conception, in contrast to men, who are fertile all the damn time and get to blithely behave as if that were not the case.

Ok, rant over, I need more tea.

I appreciate your rant. Learning about how my body worked, despite a heavily science focused education, was extremely eye opening.

Sounds like some old time horror movie, the "X of the Y" format of title.

Having sex won't usually start your period earlier," says Lucky Sekhon, MD, fertility specialist and board certified OB/GYN. "It's theoretically conceivable, since sex can have high impact on the reproductive tract and orgasm can cause uterine contractions that may hasten the breakdown of the lining. However, this would only be the case where a [person] was already poised to get [their] period soon due to falling progesterone levels, after ovulation of an egg that did not result in pregnancy."

This asshole literally changed the words the doctor said

Could not even leave it in context