You can’t trust CBC. There are plenty of normie parents against this so they’re probably being lumped in with the yahoos phoning in with threats (some of whom, if I had to guess, are TRAs using Smollet-esque tactics).

Why are we assuming that the "death threats and terrorism" headlines are in any way truthful? We all have been accused of "literal violence " before for denying even one scintilla of queer theory/gender ideology. Probably someone told them it's not ok for a convicted pedo to helicopter his dick in kids' faces at the library. Filter that through Clown World speak, and you get genocide camps belching smoke and pit graves full of cat eared true and honest women.

FFS why can’t guys calm down and stop constantly threatening people.

I question whether this is all right wing. I think they are lumping in people who just oppose this due to its nonsensical and offensive nature as "right wing". We had one scheduled here and it got canceled--I live in a liberal-moderate area and I think people were opposed to it for the same reasons we are here, but it was sort of pushed as a conservative issue.

This clown is on a new beat and turns off comments 🙄 I would check the calendar if he said “it’s Tuesday.” No proof of any threats at all.

Is it surprising or bad that normies don’t want fetishists targeting schoolchildren?

That's good, right?

It’s never a good thing when violent men threaten people, even when they’re tacitly on our side for this one issue.

No. The conservative right will always be against "gay stuff." These are a bunch of unthinking control freaks who are filled with hate and beer and violence. Their "message" completely obscures ours, which is thoughtful, valid, and actually has a chance of getting through to the libfems. This kind of protest will just make the libfems more sure that they're on the right side, and might even make some apathetic liberals act. In fact, it's people like these that have pushed the libfems as far as they've gone, in my opinion. The vast majority of libfems have never even heard a radfem stance on drag, I bet.

Violent threats aren’t a good thing, no - especially when we feminists will get blamed for it (even though the threats are coming from homophobes and far right groups, not us)