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To lament that US feminism cannot talk of a woman’s right to choose is not a semantic, trivial point, nor is it some transphobic obsession. To save something you must name it, see it clearly within its historical context.

We need to keep using accurate language - none of this 'people who need abortions' crap.

I liked this part:

"In the US, feminism is increasingly a mean-girl game, a purity test in which those guilty of transgression are “called out”, their careers and reputations ruined. Looking from Britain at America’s broken, sclerotic politics, it is understandable that you’d go for the quick serotonin hit of getting someone’s book deal cancelled rather than address seemingly impossible goals, such as paid maternity leave or solid abortion laws, to replace the legal lean-to of Roe v Wade.

"If feminist history wasn’t erased by each new generation, they’d know that if women don’t defend their own rights no one will. Men will always sell women out. From the Leninists who told Rosa Luxemburg sex equality was petit bourgeois and could wait until after the revolution, to Barack Obama proclaiming that signing the Freedom of Choice Act was a top priority — until he was president. George W Bush and Trump were pro-choice until they needed Tea Party support. The urge for power or “more pressing” political priorities will always take precedence: just be patient girls, your time will come, I’ll see you right."

"If feminist history wasn’t erased by each new generation, they’d know that if women don’t defend their own rights no one will. Men will always sell women out.

This is so true.

I didn't take my rights for granted. I always knew that women's rights everywhere were always hanging on by a knife's edge.

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I think that's a large part of why radfems(and women who are aware) always so angry about the cavalier attitude of it all. Because we know how precarious the situation always is, and to see the clownery that happens really infuriates. I don't know how any woman could look at what's happening around the world, and what happened in the 2016 elections and not have a single notion of where the wind was blowing. Anti woman rhetoric has been on a meteoric rise, go on social media for 1 minute and the vitriol is jarring.

Yeah, no one who really read up on feminist history ever took womens' rights for granted.

And they've been under attack and were being erased by the TRAs for years by now, so anyone who still thought we couldn't lose any rights we already had must have been very stupid.

Exactly, the attitude is just awful. But I know men have a hand in it.

"wE NeEd A NeW kInD oF FeMiNisM"

Get to reading already and stop think you're doing something new, all you're doing is something worse. It's crazy just how little women read on women of the past, once you die you're nothing. You're erased, already seeing it with RDG.

Younger women keep thinking we've never done anything until the 1950s and it's just no true. Women have always been a part of life, our inventions and innovations have shaped society. Being stolen form, erased and silenced like we are now doesn't mean women weren't speaking and fighting back then too. No generation of women sat there and took it quietly, they all fought in their own ways.

I don't think Janice Turner took her rights granted, either, or if she did she had done no reading on what women's status is in a very large number of countries. Her saying that was probably a journalistic device, because not doing that would make it look like she was preaching to those who have, in fact, taken women's rights for granted.

I have had discussions with three women who all said that women's rights have already been won in the West, so time now is to attend to trans rights. They are all quite young and none of them is yet in the labor force, and as most of the shitty stuff only hits after we start working and perhaps start having children, I get why they might think that most things (except for sexual harassment and sexual violence) have been fixed for women who are not in the marginalized categories defined by other things than sex.

But they are still wrong, and they are certainly wrong about women's rights somehow being on a firm basis. We are in almost a free-fall about them, and Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Naral, Ms, and so on, are all going about erasing the word woman as the most important task right now.

exactly, it's more like, when you're young you tend to think things are taken care of, or you put it on the back burner, or - well, in general we have taken things for granted in that we don't hold up feminist icons the same way other movements hold up theirs.

The civil rights movements has MLK day and now Juneteenth, and everyone, at least universally throughout liberal culture, agrees that various "great civil rights leaders" are worth of respect, even if they may disagree with or even not really know the details of the philosophy of those men (and yes, they're pretty much always men). But what days off are for celebrating feminism? what great leaders of feminism do everyone broadly respect and give a nod to? They are all open to wide criticism, reconsideration, tearing down, and general rejection. They ALL did it wrong.