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Yes, and that's one reason I don't embrace gender ideology. I'm not going to brainwash myself into ignoring millions of years of human evolution to make some self hating narcissist feel "valid".

How else would we fuck and then reproduce the species?

The brain is transphobic.

Also women are better at it in part because men kill us so we need to be aware if them.

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The AB neurons of female mice responded somewhat to the introduction of a strange mouse of either sex, but showed no particular activity difference whether the stranger was male or female. Even experiments that eliminated the females’ AB neurons had no obvious effect on their behaviors.

“These nerve cells’ role in the female brain is mysterious,” Shah said. “Females apparently use a different neural system to recognize the sex of other individuals. What that system might be is still anybody’s guess.”

BuT hOw Do YoU kNoW “sHe”s” a MaN? YoU cAnT sEe pEoPLe’s gEnDeR.

Hardwired evolution for our survival. We see your sex every time. Promptly get out of our single-sex spaces. We SEE you. You’re not one of us. You’re a man.

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I found that part interesting, so, they found the sex recognition part in mes but females are...

More complex?

Duh? I mean it’s not like animals just randomly have sex with one another until reproduction happens. Give nature a little more credit.

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The studies anthropomorphize other species. Non-human species do not consciously recognize sex. They may unconsciously move toward certain pheromones or sounds from time to time. For example: rats are not "hardwired" to recognize that rotten foods poison them. The knowledge would require higher consciousness and self awareness. They demonstrate profound avoidance of a flavor paired with an emetic drug even if the flavor is not nauseating on its own

Non-human species do randomly "have sex" until "reproduction" occurs. They are not "aware" of their actions the way a 20+ year old human could be

Unlike non-human species, historical oppression has taught female humans to be more aware of male humans. The conscious recognition of sex is a learned behavior

Not only can animals recognise sex within their own species, they can recognise sex in other species. Sex also affects social grouping and stability, it isnt just concerned with reproduction.

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Human children have significant difficulties in intellectual functioning. They are not "aware" of their identity or actions. Non-human species with their lower cognitive abilities too would not be aware. Their "recognition" would be instinctive. Not conscious

We can almost 100% of the time tell men from women even when certain features are controlled. We can even tell by peoples noses. It’s hardwired into us, babies tend to be more afraid of strange males than strange females too.


This is obvious and common sense, but I am really glad there is some science to back us up on that.

Gender believers know. Otherwise they wouldn't spend all that time and money destroying their bodies to impersonate the opposite sex.

I can pretty accurately tell if someone is male or female from blocks away if I'm out walking in my neighborhood. We look at people every day of our lives for years, and it'd be almost absurd if we didn't pick up the ability to detect various minute traits that differentiate people, whether it was hard-wired in or not. Gait and posture are almost more important in determining sex from a distance than seeing someone's face or breasts or hips. Men and women are different. It's not rocket science.

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Most of us regularly clock TIMs just from their little 50x50 pfp twitter photos lmfao

I saw one get on a tube, wearing sandals, I was looking at the floor and this pair of mens feet appeared with pink nail varnish, that was all I needed to know.

Absolutely! Even with the best camera angles, sometimes the male just leaps out at you

I could tell my ex in a crowd instantly without having to look at his face because of the way he walked, it's hot wired into us to notice all sorts of tell tale signs of someones age, sex, if they are related to us, if they look like they are in a predatory mood etc, security guards do that all the time keeping an eye on those who look suspicious.

Hmmm. The part I find interesting isn’t that mammals are hardwired to recognize sex as that seems to be proving something we already know, but that suppressing male to male aggression also suppresses the instinct to mate in male mice. The ramifications are a little depressing. When human male testicle size seems to suggest that inter male competition is built in too the consequences really start adding up.

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I was scrolling through https://www.reddit.com/r/transpassing/ the other day, after someone else linked to it in another post. I do wonder if some dysphoric people have damage to that part of the brain that perceives the body (regarding sex in this instance, but also for things like weight for dysmorphia re size). This is obviously only for people that actually have dysmorphia and not the vast majority of TIPs who are affected by social contagion.

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