This is important, as we do need much better statistics on everything, and there is strong pressure not to have the research that is necessary. It's astonishing, in fact, that the past medical history of transitioned individuals in the NHS becomes hidden! I don't see how that wouldn't cause health risks for them. But validation uber alles.

We need statistics on transitioners by age, sex, race, ethnic group, income level etc., and we need statistics on detransitioners on the same variables.

We need trend data over longer time periods, we need life-long data on negative and positive health consequences from both transitioning at various ages and from not being allowed to do that, also at various ages. And we need similar data on detransitioners' experiences.

We need actual study of the reasons for transitioning, and not just the usual "I've always known I'm the other sex) including homophobia, paraphilias, internalized misogyny and misandry (based on what I've read from detrans people).

We need research on the nonbinary category: What do enbies means when they say they are not men or women, i.e., do they base this purely on narrow, rigid sex roles and sexist stereotypes or what? Do they think that everyone else see themselves as Barbie dolls, Stepford Wives, GI Joes or Action Men? And if so, what the fuck went wrong in the Western cultures in the last two decades?

What are the gender norms, roles and stereotypes for enbies? There's no such thing as a gender which is defined as essentially free of all the gender crap, not limited in anything, but deserving of all things others get, but that is what I think is being asked by the enbies. I want to see surveys on these questions, too.