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One of the things that most drives me crazy is the insistence that resistance to huge, sweeping, daily-life altering changes they're trying to impose is this huge threat to their existence if they don't get their way. We're not talking about stripping away longstanding, tried and true basic protections, we're telling them, within ostensible democracies, they don't have a mandate to just do these profoundly disruptive things and force them on an unwilling public. They don't have the right to remake all of society to suit themselves with no concern for how it affects others, particularly women and LGB. We did not consent to this shit.

Edited to add: TLDR, "It makes me feel very unsafe that I'm not allowed to take over everything in society and enforce my ideology without question."

They were travelling in the United States recently and attended a Virginia school board meeting, with friends and their children, to recognize Pride Month.

As one does - I mark all my tourism by going to local school board meetings, don’t you?


My lord, the effort these nutcases put into being so exhausting, if they channeled all this time and money into something useful they’d have cured cancer by now, or at least made a couple of decent MCU movies.

you can't make a decent MCU movie without RDJ and he's had enough of that crap now, we should all follow his lead especially now marvel is part of Disney.

Argh this article annoyed me so much, especially this:

The feeling of "losing power in society," they explained, makes it easier to blame the people you perceive as "trying to replace you."

Our rights to female-only spaces are being stripped away, so yes actually we ARE losing power.

It's something that happens "in times of crisis and high anxiety as we've seen over the last couple of years," said Perry. "We're always looking for scapegoats, looking for somewhere to direct our anger or fears or anxieties."

Trans people and their advocates are the people destroying those spaces! You’re not “scapegoats” when it’s entirely your fault.

Who knew that NO DEBATE or you're TRANSPHOBIC might result in a bunch of folks being labelled transphobic?

This article is like TRA bingo lol.

  • the person being interviewed uses she/they but is exclusively referred to as “they”

  • non-binary mom has non-binary child color me completely non-shocked

  • spouse comes out as trans shortly after his partner to steal his partner’s thunder live his authentic life

  • TiM changes his name to Zoe (at least it wasn’t Alice this time?)

Gender gender gender everywhere, all the time. Stop shoving it down everyone’s throats at every opportunity. People are fed up. Live your life and shut the fuck up about your boring and obnoxious gender bullshit.

They had Jonathan Yaniv. Wasn't that enough to peak them?

Too much media suppression here, lying by omission. CBC hasn't covered men in female prisons even once, that I know of. I'd say we need something big and un-ignorable, undeniable, but we recently had clear-cut footage of mounties on horseback trampling an old Indigenous woman with a walker. Barely anyone has seen it, it never got on the news (what they said on tv was that someone through a bike at a horse, and the horse was uninjured, thank goodness). What will it take in Canada? I think, since the Charter actually protects sex-based rights, it's gonna take a massive lawsuit, all the way to the Supreme Court, too. News can't ignore that, right? Right?

Didn't it already happen in Canada? Like a 40 something guy leaving his family to be a little girl named "Stephoknee" and stuff

I think they mean "transphobia" is coming to Canada. AKA more mass peaking. I hope so!

But yeah that Man that ID's as a little girl is Canadian, sadly. I believe he has met our Prime Minister!

makes it easier to blame the people you perceive as "trying to replace you."

That’s one hell of a slip there. I mean I don’t think “trying to replace us” when I think of TIMs, because the idea is fucking farcical. That is not why I’m against trans nonsense.

But I guess he thinks that TIMs are going to replace us, and is delusional enough to think we’re threatened.

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