That sounds promising . . .

I guess I don’t feel much hope given she was universities minister (or higher education minister - not totally sure of the exact title) while universities have gone full on gender ideology culties.

But I know nothing about her really.

Robin Walker has fucked off now too!!!! He’s a fucking bumbling waste of space who was wiped over the floor by Cates stating basic biological facts without bowing to a man.

& Quince gone too.


3 vacancies.

Please please let Cates be schools minister!! And give Kemi a key role too please!! With them in place the immediate review of RSE guidance to be much stricter would happen, and I’m betting a public inquiry into why outside agencies were allowed to access children would be a reasonable likelihood. (Especially given special advisor to Ed sec has been collecting parents experiences of complaining to schools about gender ideology. Data there to be used).