Oh, so endometriosis is 'hard' when you're a woman, but apparently it's 'especially painful' for LGBTQ people (this doesn't make much sense...so women can't be LGBTQ?)I'm so fed up of women's pain being minimised. Women don't even get to suffer the most with their own fucking medical conditions. I also find it interesting how the first person they discuss is a 'masc of center lesbian who uses she/they pronouns.' It's awful this poor woman wasn't taken seriously, but she states that if she was feminine and 'cis' she is sure she would have received better medical treatment. Is this a joke? On what planet do women, even feminine ones, get treated with respect and get decent treatment?

A patient advocate says 'we consider endometriosis to be this diseases of menstruating females...what about gender diverse folks?" Well, Heather, luckily 'gender diverse folks' can also be menstruating females. The two categories aren't mutually exclusive. It's also apparently wrong to consider this a disease of the uterus when the issue is found outside the uterus. Right, that's true, but it's also a disease which concerns uterine lining. so the connection with endometriosis to the uterus isn't exactly spurious.

"I've never spoken to my doctors about my gender identity" says a "queer non binary person". "I don't know if it would be a safe space to bring it up." I'm sure it's perfectly safe to bring it up, but I'm not sure it's entirely relevant. It would be like disclosing your star sign to your doctor - how is it going to help with the treatment of your condition? What on earth does she think the response will be? Does she think that upon telling her doctor she is 'queer' the doctor will go 'holy shit, you should have told me sooner. I have just the right treatment for you'?

she wants pats on the back for being a special narcissistic delusional snowflake. she's right to be nervous about disclosing, her doctor will hopefully rightly determine her to be mentally ill.

[–] pixiebiz 16 points Edited

Actually, they will probably get access to a whole other set of billing codes which will facilitate getting fast tracked to surgeries and endometriosis surgery centers. And a lot of centers now are jumping on the VIP treatment for them. One of the best surgeons in my area spent 20 mins of an appointment with be telling me about the white glove treatment his genderspecial patients get. It was clear he had this whole "they're so awesome, just wanna be one of the boys" thing, he is a very... california surfer broish dude.... I think he was trying to impress me because I had short hair and wear pants... I guess if I had said I was genderspecial I would have gotten to be in the cool kids club at his office too... very much made me aware there was tiered levels of treatment in his office, and if I was just a middle aged women I was boring and dull, unlike his fun "transmen" bros.

A few years back thatight have been a permissible response from the doc. Now I would face charges and risk my license. The wholw world.has lost its mind.

I can't even bring myself to click that. It makes you want to keep creating your own headlines though. "Breastfeeding isn't just a Female Thing!" "Why We Need More Gender Diversity in Feminine Hygiene Product Ads," "Yes, It IS Sexist to Talk About a Woman's Ovarian Cyst" -- just keep going. Probably already Vice article titles. If I posted a list like this online, they'd probably come after me for copyright infringement.

We need to find some really obscure causes to respond with whenever they try to divert attention away from women's issues like this. "Excuse me, but don't you think this maybe isn't the time when we're right in the middle of a campaign to preserve Blahdiblah Equestrian Knee-Polishing Center? Could you maybe not make it all about you? 603 horses need those services every month, but I guess you don't care about animals. I guess you'd rather see them suffer the indignity of matte knees. Despicable."

If you have endometriosis and still claim you’re not a woman, all I can ask is what happened to your other brain cell?

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OMG, yeah this was posted on a few endometriosis boards I'm on... The rolling up of genderspecials with racial issues was particularly irritating. Black and Brown women get the shit end of the stick with medical neglect even worse than white women, so yeah I have no doubt that "Henderson" got shitty medical care for years, but the gender stuff? Well especially when it comes to white genderspecials they certainly seem to get better treatment, they are quicker approved for surgeries, as they have access to referral to surgeons through their gender teams and so their excisions and hysts surgeries get fast tracked and paid for by insurance or state medicare... unlike us boring normies who have to pay tens of thousands out of pocket or document years of going through other specialists or options before insurance will pay up... And then they come into all our message boards and cry about how sad they are to be associated with women and they hate pink doctors offices because they are so fucking oppressed <eyeroll>

They seem to regard having to wait a day for surgery being an act of oppression.

“But being a man/non-binary was supposed to fix everything!”

Guess what, sweetie, you’re still a woman. You’re still not taken seriously with endometriosis. Welcome to the club. Every woman with endometriosis has to endure this. Acting like it’s somehow worse for you because of your genderfeels on the basis of 1. Pure fucking speculation and 2. “But I have genderfeels, so I must have it worse” with no real proof provided that you have it worse than any “cis” woman, only shows that you’re incapable of thinking of anything else beyond how you can be special today.

Nope. Words and reality mean something. Here’s one that’s accurate: narcissism.

I closed it because they said she uses she pronouns and they wanted to go FULL WOKE and use both.

Maybe we shouldn't have people opt-in or out of their natal sex.

They said she uses both but the article author decided to only use "they". Because being female is absolutely abhorrent to her.

They used "her" instead of "their" so ... yeah still hot garbage.

I’m not going to read the stupid article, but I will never support any hot take that minimizes the role of misogyny in underdiagnosis for conditions that only affect women.

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