I can't even bring myself to click that. It makes you want to keep creating your own headlines though. "Breastfeeding isn't just a Female Thing!" "Why We Need More Gender Diversity in Feminine Hygiene Product Ads," "Yes, It IS Sexist to Talk About a Woman's Ovarian Cyst" -- just keep going. Probably already Vice article titles. If I posted a list like this online, they'd probably come after me for copyright infringement.

We need to find some really obscure causes to respond with whenever they try to divert attention away from women's issues like this. "Excuse me, but don't you think this maybe isn't the time when we're right in the middle of a campaign to preserve Blahdiblah Equestrian Knee-Polishing Center? Could you maybe not make it all about you? 603 horses need those services every month, but I guess you don't care about animals. I guess you'd rather see them suffer the indignity of matte knees. Despicable."