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OMG, yeah this was posted on a few endometriosis boards I'm on... The rolling up of genderspecials with racial issues was particularly irritating. Black and Brown women get the shit end of the stick with medical neglect even worse than white women, so yeah I have no doubt that "Henderson" got shitty medical care for years, but the gender stuff? Well especially when it comes to white genderspecials they certainly seem to get better treatment, they are quicker approved for surgeries, as they have access to referral to surgeons through their gender teams and so their excisions and hysts surgeries get fast tracked and paid for by insurance or state medicare... unlike us boring normies who have to pay tens of thousands out of pocket or document years of going through other specialists or options before insurance will pay up... And then they come into all our message boards and cry about how sad they are to be associated with women and they hate pink doctors offices because they are so fucking oppressed <eyeroll>

They seem to regard having to wait a day for surgery being an act of oppression.

“But being a man/non-binary was supposed to fix everything!”

Guess what, sweetie, you’re still a woman. You’re still not taken seriously with endometriosis. Welcome to the club. Every woman with endometriosis has to endure this. Acting like it’s somehow worse for you because of your genderfeels on the basis of 1. Pure fucking speculation and 2. “But I have genderfeels, so I must have it worse” with no real proof provided that you have it worse than any “cis” woman, only shows that you’re incapable of thinking of anything else beyond how you can be special today.