Nobody should be beat up for simply entering a sex-segregated communal restroom, assuming that is what happened.

But why did this male-identifying female even ask which restroom she should use? She appeared male. Why didn't she simply access the male restroom?

TIFs confound me. They self-exclude from womanhood...make attempts to appear male, but then continue to access female sex-segregated spaces, services, and sports when the need arises, thereby helping to ruin the sex-segregated nature of these phenomona.

I mean, women are the superior beings in every way.

Nobody wants to be in a group of strange men. Or even familiar men on the long term if you're doing a desert island experience.

Chinese men in rural areas are desperate to get a woman to be around. Its not just the hole they want. Plenty of countries in the middle east find boys more sexually fulfilling.

If women all took off to some uninhibited continent somehow, they'd last about a week before they'd sell everything to try to get to us.

They know it deep down too. That's why they call us coddled. We make it look so easy.