Nobody should be beat up for simply entering a sex-segregated communal restroom, assuming that is what happened.

Not even a known sex offender?

TIFs confound me. They self-exclude from womanhood...make attempts to appear male, but then continue to access female sex-segregated spaces, services, and sports when the need arises, thereby helping to ruin the sex-segregated nature of these phenomona.

I've heard some case of a TIFs actually killing someone for not accepting her as a man. But when it came time for jail, she choose women's jail for some reason despite how invalidating and dysphoric that would make her.

Ugh... And that awful story about a "brave transman" who had to bravely put on her mother's dress and paint her nails to be allowed to leave Ukraine. Not the women volunteering in the army, nope, it's dealing with "dysphoria" that's brave smh...

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As a man you don't get to judge women who keep themselves safe from rape and male violence.

Fair. But I will judge a trans who murders people for "misgendering", but accepts that "misgendering" when faced with real danger. Or someone who claims she is brave just for putting on a dress and painting her nails, while there are actually brave women like my sisters who had to escape the country not just by themselves, but with their kids who they had to protect and take care of the whole way. Real bravery is to get a 3 year old child safe through a panicking people, through a packed train and bus, not "dealing with dysphoria".