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Disguising yourself as the opposite sex is a dangerous game and always has been. Women have done it mainly for survival and freedom, men do it for fun and perverted thrills. We have sex segregated facilities for modesty and for women’s safety. People don’t like being deceived. People are also homophobic and perceive appearing like the opposite sex as a homosexual behavior. Why everyone is taking this game of pretending to be the opposite sex so flippantly is beyond me. 7-10 years ago this would be a straight forward gay bashing incident. Now we have added an element of absurdity where the lesbian woman claims she’s actually a man, so who exactly is in the wrong? The would be gay bashers are now valiant heroes defending women from predatory men. I wish I couldn’t read sometimes so I wouldn’t have to endure this assault on my own sanity.

[–] mittimithai male 12 points

She should be able to use the women's bathroom regardless of how she looks. In a case where there is a serious question, sex certification should be used to resolve the matter with civility. The issue is that there is no universal civil certificate of sex now since people in various states can change their sex marker on their driver license/birth certificate etc.

[–] BlackCirce 🔮🐖🐖🐖 5 points

I disagree that the problem is one of government issued paperwork. Paperwork is more easily disguised than a body.

This seems to be an endorsement of sex stereotyped clothing. Ignoring any surgical modifications, there are many women who could be dressed up so that they would be mistaken for a man (at least for long enough that you would notice in a bathroom)

the issue is people like her have been allowed to medicate themselves into becoming what used to be called weirdos, I can't help but think she has a voice level now that leads her to be not believed

[+] [Deleted] 30 points

Nobody should be beat up for simply entering a sex-segregated communal restroom, assuming that is what happened.

But why did this male-identifying female even ask which restroom she should use? She appeared male. Why didn't she simply access the male restroom?

TIFs confound me. They self-exclude from womanhood...make attempts to appear male, but then continue to access female sex-segregated spaces, services, and sports when the need arises, thereby helping to ruin the sex-segregated nature of these phenomona.

Indeed, she should be celebrating her baptism-by-fire entry into the male culture of aggression. These TIFs are dangerously naive.

Exactly. Men have been fighting each other over turf since time immemorial. If women want to be men then welcome to the fight club. Furthermore its this unconstrained male aggressiveness that makes it imperative that women have single-sex spaces.

Nobody should be beat up for simply entering a sex-segregated communal restroom, assuming that is what happened.

Not even a known sex offender?

TIFs confound me. They self-exclude from womanhood...make attempts to appear male, but then continue to access female sex-segregated spaces, services, and sports when the need arises, thereby helping to ruin the sex-segregated nature of these phenomona.

I've heard some case of a TIFs actually killing someone for not accepting her as a man. But when it came time for jail, she choose women's jail for some reason despite how invalidating and dysphoric that would make her.

Ugh... And that awful story about a "brave transman" who had to bravely put on her mother's dress and paint her nails to be allowed to leave Ukraine. Not the women volunteering in the army, nope, it's dealing with "dysphoria" that's brave smh...

[–] butchplease 10 points Edited

As a man you don't get to judge women who keep themselves safe from rape and male violence.

Fair. But I will judge a trans who murders people for "misgendering", but accepts that "misgendering" when faced with real danger. Or someone who claims she is brave just for putting on a dress and painting her nails, while there are actually brave women like my sisters who had to escape the country not just by themselves, but with their kids who they had to protect and take care of the whole way. Real bravery is to get a 3 year old child safe through a panicking people, through a packed train and bus, not "dealing with dysphoria".

"Not even a known sex offender"? NO. For one, doubt very much that those doing the beating up would even know that he WAS a sex offender. And, two, I did write "for simply entering a sex-segregared communal restroom." And, three, I'm not in favor of mob rule...prefer the Rule of Law, no matter how flawed it might be. Also, there is the option of simply detaining a sex offender who has entered a sex-segregated space: I don’t trust a mob of violent men (they're almost always men, right) to wail upon another man with restraint and good judgement...just don't.

I mean, women are the superior beings in every way.

Nobody wants to be in a group of strange men. Or even familiar men on the long term if you're doing a desert island experience.

Chinese men in rural areas are desperate to get a woman to be around. Its not just the hole they want. Plenty of countries in the middle east find boys more sexually fulfilling.

If women all took off to some uninhibited continent somehow, they'd last about a week before they'd sell everything to try to get to us.

They know it deep down too. That's why they call us coddled. We make it look so easy.

because she knows what she is and feels unsafe so she wants the best of both worlds, as highlighted by the fact it was men who beat her up for being in the womens bathroom, not other women.

[–] OneStarWolf 23 points Edited

This story is bizarre. Why would she bother even asking the camp owner which bathroom to use? As a trans man, I'm sure she's normally used tons of men's rooms without asking and without being noticed? Also, it said she was drunk and the police arrested her for disorderly conduct and obstruction. Feels like we're missing something.

Yeah, I have a hard time believing this story.

Totally. Plus she was the one arrested and was apparently very drunk and belligerent and nobody told the sheriff’s she was assaulted until after the arrest. Nobody should be beaten up for using a bathroom, but I suspect the other parties will have a very different story to tell.

Exactly. If I were in the ladies room and encountered this person, I would have thought that Noah was a young man due to the voice and Noah's appearance. Noah should have used the men's room regardless of what some camp owner supposedly said. Or just do the manly thing and piss on a tree.

She did it to herself. I remember a decade ago, a man bought a bright orange inmate jumpsuit and wore it outside as a fashion statement. Some law enforcement officers assumed he was an escaped convict and "detained" him (aka whipped the dogshit out of him and threw him in the back of a squad car). He was crying and slinging snot in court about how wrong the cops were. The cops got off because this dude was asking for it, legally, by walking around in an inmate's jumpsuit. This TIF was effectively walking around in a sex offender costume. It's not the men's fault that they reacted appropriately to what they saw.

I'm actually impressed that the men came to a woman's aid when she called for help that there was a man in the bathroom. Remember at Wii Spa, the men all stood around looking pissy with their arms crossed, like ugh these women are annoying, how dare they not want a man swinging his boner in an 8 year old's face! I wonder if the men who helped her knew her personally. One of the only redeeming qualities men have is to be a protector against other predatory men. They usually fail at this task, so it's heart warming to see some men actually serving a positive purpose for once.

I'm actually impressed that the men came to a woman's aid when she called for help that there was a man in the bathroom. Remember at Wii Spa, the men all stood around looking pissy with their arms crossed, like ugh these women are annoying, how dare they not want a man swinging his boner in an 8 year old's face!

This is the one benefit to living in a conservative area amongst conservative men. LOL

They usually fail at this task, so it's heart warming to see some men actually serving a positive purpose for once.

This. A few years back in my part of the U.S. some loser was harassing two young women on public transit because one of them was wearing hijab. Three men came to the women's aid, and the loser managed to kill two of them & injure the third. The young women got away safely.

RIP, heroes.

I remember a similar case, in Hawaii. A man was beating his wife near to death in public. A good hearted young man intervened, and was killed. At the trial, the woman he lost his life defending sat there and lied to protect her abuser! The dead hero's sister was heartbroken, sobbing about how her brother's life was lost for no damned reason. That really stuck with me.

Here in Slovakia there was an Asian guy who stood up to a rapey pervert to protect his female classmates, and he was beaten to death in the street. It's dangerous to intervene, it takes real courage and it may cost you your life.

[–] Lipsy i/just/can't 7 points Edited

It's dangerous to intervene, it takes real courage and it may cost you your life.

Yeah... If you're going to intervene with someone who's already being violent or escalating a situation, you might as well deploy lethal force upfront if you're capable of it.

[–] butchplease 9 points Edited

They beat her up because she's a woman.

They wouldn't have done the same to a man. She doesn't even look remotely male, she looks like a tomboy. Thin, tiny bird shoulders, girlish face. Those men knew they were violating a woman.

How anyone can celebrate this deranged male violence against a woman is beyond me.

Is that actually true though? They came running because they heard the distressed pleas for help from a woman saying there was a dude in the women's bathroom. They see this masculine person in there and start throwing hands. Doesn't seem like they were beating her because they knew she was female.

And, from my perspective, TIFs are screaming from the rooftops that they are not women and how fucking dare we think they are women. So, when I reach in my bag of fucks to give, TIFs and enbies aren't getting blessed with any. shrugs

[–] Clarbg 8 points Edited

Where are they supposed to go though? People would have a problem with them going into the men's toilets as well.

Why wouldn't her be beaten up because guys thought she was male be a moment of euphoria? I used to lurk of LBG drop the T on saidit and people would post stuff found on reddit, many of which were TIFs fantasizing about being gang banged by gay men, believing it would be ultimate validation.

Yeah, if you want a reminder of how mentally deranged TIFs are, you can look at r/ftm_punished and similar subs, where they write fanfics about being raped by straight men, many of such include being "misgendered" and being told they are female and other such "terf rhetoric". I'm not a shrink, but I think those fantasies are the only place they allow themselves to speak honestly about the deep seated fear of male sexual violence and the fact that they don't believe the lies they fanatically force us to parrot.

He says he was using the women’s restroom in a Preble County campground—which he was advised to do—when a group of men came after him.

So she was advised to use the ladies room? Did she disclose her trans status to the camp ground owner when she arrived? Why would she do that? She passes well enough as a young man. So why wouldn't she just go to the men's room without asking permission first?

This story doesn't add up. Is she just ashamed to admit that she didn't feel safe in the men's facilities? So she made up a story about the park employees forcing her into the ladies room?

Also, I doubt a TIM would ask permission to use the girls room even if he looked like Shrek in drag. So I'm not surprised the TIP in this story was female

“I was using the bathroom, and she just started shouting. She was like, ‘Who the [expletive] is in here?’ And I replied, ‘I am.’ My girlfriend replied, ‘I am as well.’ She was like, ‘No man should be in this bathroom. Like, if you’re a man you need to use a man’s bathroom.’ And I was like, ‘I’m transgender. Like, I have woman body parts, and I was told to use this bathroom,’” Ruiz recalled.

This conversation doesn't sound real. Maybe she has a manly voice from testosterone. But it seems odd that the other woman would flip out so quickly

He says as he was walking out, three large men approached him. In the end, he was left with several cuts and gashes across his body in addition to the bruising. “They, like, grabbed me up off the ground. They choked me out. They said, ‘I’ll kill you, you [expletive] doing all this.’ And I said, ‘Dude, I’m not, I’m using the right bathroom. Rick Cross, the owner of this establishment, told me to use the bathroom. I’m following the rules,’” Ruiz explained.

Is it just me, or is it weird that she invokes the name of the owner as if EVERYONE should know who Rick Cross is? None of the quotes in here feel like something real people would say.

Preble County Michael Simpson says the deputies weren’t initially aware of the assault, that a large crowd had gathered, that Ruiz was highly intoxicated and that he was becoming belligerent.

I feel like a LOT of details are being left out of this story.

Regardless, I want to see the men who attacked her locked up. But the details in this article are confusing.

[–] Lipsy i/just/can't 17 points Edited

waiting for TIMs to start signal-boosting this as evidence that the boys' room is obviously not a sAfE SpAcE for LGBOMGWTFBBQXLII+ persons and therefore that any TERF-identifying birthing hole who'd dare to deny them access to Women's spaces would clearly be genociding ALL of them, at once, for at least the 6th time, in 3... 2... 1...

The TIMs are the reason why this woman got her shit rocked. If there weren’t so many creepy males invading women’s single sex spaces, non-women would not be on high alert for other men going into the women’s room.

This TIF absolutely did not deserve to be beaten; however, this perfectly illustrates how TIP want to have their cake and eat it too.

[–] Lipsy i/just/can't 4 points

Oh, of course they're responsible—just as they are for the overall conveyor belt that's putting so many teenage Girls through 'transitions' they'll definitely regret one day (if they live long enough...). They don't care, they'll never stop casting themselves as the eternal victims.

Very nicely played with "non-Women" there. 😍🥰

Except the TIF got her ass kicked for going in the ladies room in her dude costume, not the boys room

[–] Lipsy i/just/can't 7 points

True, but, still, male violence... and let's be serious here, it's not like that little gap/disconnect in the material facts is gna stop TIMs from playing the victim card. Even a total lack of material facts—or the existence of material facts that directly contradict their narrative—doesn't stop them from doing that!

Anyone can see that this is a woman.

I'm disgusted by the self-proclaimed "feminists" on here who are simping for male violence. Oh, those strong brave male heroes, beating up a small woman whilst never doing anything against ACTUAL men in our spaces! wipes a tear from my eye

Even if she was a man, three men beating and bashing one person is an extreme overreaction.

At first glance she “passes” in my opinion, but on some unconscious level my brain must register her as female because I don’t find her at all threatening. It’s not just because she’s small - short, skinny men raise the exact same alarm bells as larger men do in potentially vulnerable situations. But yeah, thinking about it, she doesn’t look anything like an actual skinny man.

You’re probably right that they knew they were beating up a woman. Men are so fucking solid (like refrigerators made out of concrete..). How could they not feel the difference between their strength and hers as they were beating her up? I’ve seen a lot of women here say they didn’t realize how big that difference is before play wrestling with their boyfriend and him effortlessly restraining her. But men know.

[–] yikesforever 13 points Edited

there seems to be a part of the story missing, like it's inferred they didn't see each other so why did the other woman think it was a man and start shouting to leave?

Maybe T changed her voice and she was talking to her girlfriend?

There's a video of her talking. A bit froggy sounding, but sounds passable as a male. I'd think the only thing that might give her away irl is her shorter stature and gait, but its hard to tell online.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 11 points

deep deep sigh

We need third spaces if these people are going to go that way. 🙄

Iirc there was an attempt to make third spaces, but transes complained that it wasn't validating so it was literal murder for them.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 0 points

Yes, you remember correctly. Every suggestion of third spaces gets met with something like "i DoN't WaNt tO bE OtHeReD" (or some variation of black women and men are the same thing) or "it's not validating".

It's quite clear that they don't want (well at least the TIMs) away from men's spaces for safety issues. They simply need actual women to populate the fantasy they're acting out. That and a lot probably get off on the idea that women are being forced to see them undress and undress with them.

[–] loren 10 points Edited


You don’t get to cherry pick based on your own comfort while ignoring the comfort of everyone else around you every single time. If you want to be a dude, go be a proper dude. Switching back and forth just normalizes the idea of a real man waltzing into women’s spaces whenever he feels like it. Transmen have showed us they don’t give a shit when it comes to compromising the safety of fellow females.

So I really don’t feel bad at all. Regardless of the fact that this was a male-presenting female, they were trying to prevent what they determined was a man going into a women’s restroom on a campground that’s much more secluded than your average public restroom.

Congrats. You must have felt like a real man, sweetie. 🎉🍾

She never switched to being a dude though.

Obviously....? By ‘switch’ I mean changing which single sex facilities they use based on what’s more convenient for them personally at the time.

But that's not the issue here. She went into the women's bathroom appearing like a male and that's when the problem started; her accused attackers did not know what bathroom she was using before.

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