Just a reminder that one of the witnesses, Michael Biggs (an Oxford prof) was accused of transphobia for posting a meme on Facebook that shows two handmaidens saying “but they didn’t ask our gender identity... we’re non binary.” Apparently this was transphobia (according to the student paper) because it implies that non binary people would not be oppressed in gilead by virtue of being non binary. Yes, this is what passes for transphobia nowadays.

However, the Court shamefully refused to hear from any trans voices.

This isn't true. They're straight-up quoted in the judgement.

Apparently Maugham has a child who identifies as trans, so on one level I do feel sorry for him because that is a helluva thing to be dealing with.

But at the same time I wish he'd shut the f*ck up. He's not helping anyone with his rants.

Right? Gender Critical feminists aren’t out to hurt his child. Rather the reverse.

Oh, interesting, I didn't know that. So he's placing all his faith in Mermaids and ridiculous conspiracy theories because the alternative is too scary?

This entire thread was compiled by Jolyon Maugham.

Mr Maugham is an eminent QC. However, his expertise is in tax law and is unrelated to issues of medical consent. Mr Maugham was involved in an animal cruelty scandal and investigated by the RSPCA in 2019, when he claimed on Twitter that he had bludgeoned a fox to death with a baseball bat while wearing a woman’s kimono.

(Am I doing this right? I could go on and ON but I really can’t be arsed to dig up all the controversies JM has been involved with. He really isn’t in a good position to compile a thread like that.)

So this is what an actual witch hunt looks like in 2020. Gotta be extra careful of wrong think.

I would like to see an analysis of the backgrounds of the witnesses the defendants brought forth. I would also really like to see the documents he's using in this thread.

I hope all of them sue his ass for this defamatory thread.

Amongst [Professor Neil Evans'] papers on veterinary medicine are a study on puberty blockers in sheep which was taken up by the Christian Institute...

Well, there you have it. If someone you disagree with on anything quotes a study, that proves the study is invalid. QED